Sunday 13 December 2015

Killer Body - Two Weeks Later

   I'm a little late posting this, but Blogger gives me the wonderful ability to back-date posts so this one will appear right where it needs to!
   The past two weeks I've been using Jillian Michaels' Killer Body, and it has been more intense than I expected. I thought it was going to be focused strength - legs and bum one day, core the next, and upper body the third, and repeat - but it isn't. It's true that you seriously max out those muscle groups, which is what I wanted, but I didn't expect much cardio, if any, and had planned to tack on 20 minutes of cardio after the 30 minutes of strength.
   I should have known. Jillian Michaels loves cardio intervals, and many moves are compound, so your heart rate is quite high for quite a lot of the time, and then she adds on a 1 minute cardio interval at the end of each of the 4 circuits. It's crazy. The circuits aren't that long, though, and to be honest the whole workout is over before I know it, which is great - though my body aches like hell afterwards. And I only managed to tack on cardio to the core and upper body days, because lower body knackers your legs out so much you can't possibly do cardio afterwards unless you've got serious willpower, and my willpower just isn't good enough. I tried and managed 5 minutes before falling over - yes, falling over. It was dance, admittedly (Kukuwa), and for those whole 5 minutes my legs weren't responding quickly enough to even remotely keep pace, so I don't feel guilty skipping out on cardio on leg day. I give it my all for 30 minutes and I feel it for days, while core and upper body days I do add cardio and max my entire body out while doing so.

   I'm trying not to over do it, but with Christmas so nearby, I can't really shake it from my mind. I'm feeling really run down from my shop (like I said, this post was written on the 16th, not the 13th) and I think this might be piling too much on top, but I'm managing. I hope. I'm also trying not to feel guilty for the odd treat, because it's Christmas, but despite what I said recently about not feeling guilty over Christmas as long as what treats you decide to accept are worth it, I do still feel guilty, and far too easily. It's driving me crazy but I'm trying to muffle the voice. Not tune it out entirely, personally I need that little voice of guilt there or I might just eat everything I see, but certainly to lessen its volume because it is somewhat unjustified sometimes.

   I'll report back in 3 weeks! I'm running through this workout until January, and I'm starting next month's workout on January 4th, so I get 5 weeks on this workout this month!


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