Friday 4 December 2015

25 Photos Until Christmas - Day 4

  My mum's favourite colour has always been red, and she always used to buy a poinsettia every year. I never knew why, nor where the previous year's went, but because of this the plants have a Christmas-only feel to them. Obviously they are quite Christmassy plants anyway, but because we'd buy one every year, that Christmas connection is strong. My dad still buys her one even now, and it's one of the reddest plants I know of. Even roses and poppies don't compare to a poinsettia's redness in my mind. My mum's eyesight is so bad because of her MS now that she can't really see the plant, but she looks at it and smiles anyway because it's such a gripping red, and I think it's for that reason alone that she will always be given one every year.
   Plus it's the first thing I consider to be a Christmas decoration that goes up in the house.


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