Thursday 3 December 2015

25 Photos Until Christmas - Day 3

   I did a little bit of simple Christmas baking yesterday - I heard a Christmas song on the radio and that was it. As far as I'm concerned, now that it's December, there's no shame in any Christmas-related goings on except the premature opening of gifts! So I baked a small batch of simple vanilla cakes and went to town on the frosting! I love how the icing sugar looks just like snow.
   And no, I didn't eat them all on my own. I made half the batch I usually make (which even then is more or less half of a full recipe) and shared them with the family. There were literally six cakes, so Seeg and my dad got the two extra. But I had to photograph them first! I like to try and make quite complex designs when it comes to cakes and stuff, but I loved the simplicity of these!


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