Tuesday 31 July 2012

Sale Ends Tonight!

   The 40% sale in my shop ends tonight - probably. I'm not sure, it'll be whenever I remember to deactivate the code tomorrow! But be sure to get in fast while you can! Use the code PNPBDAY1 at checkout for the discount to be applied.

   And don't forget, the Destroy This Journal competition begins tomorrow! And I'll happily accept new prizes! At the moment there are ad spaces, plushies, jewellery and stationary up for grabs, not to mention the generous discounts available for all participants!

   And last but not least, there's a hedgehog nest in the garden, one mother and three babies. I keep mistaking the bag of hedgehog food in the kitchen for a bag of giant chocolate cookies. It's a mistake I pray I don't take any further.

Bags of Love

   Hello my lovelies! I have something to share with you, and it's just in time for summer - and even more in time for Christmas!
   I'm sure you've seen many different photo canvas companies around - some are quite cheap, while others are ridiculously expensive. But most of them always sell the same things: canvases, tote bags, and perhaps cushions - though most usually specialise in the former.
   BagsofLove.co.uk is actually genuinely different. I'm not overly fond of photo personalisation companies since they offer such small range, and because the few times I've used such places in the past the results haven't been particularly satisfactory.
   But, I went over to the website to have a proper look before writing them off.
   I'm glad I did.

   I've never seen - or ever really even thought of - some of the products this wide-ranging website offers. There are the usual canvases, in a brilliant array of sizes, and even include triptychs, but the bags are a little more useful. They offer handbags as well as tote bags, and their cushions are wonderful too. But, they also offer the following things that actually got me pretty excited: deckchairs (with or without the wooden frame), split panels - the kind of thing you can imagine Miss Hepburn changing behind, - dog and cat beds, wallpaper, and even beanbag chairs! I love bean bag chairs! I can't sit in them for too long though or I can't get out without rolling onto the floor.

   They were kind enough to provide me with a couple of pillow cases to try out. I admittedly don't have many pictures I like enough to have printed onto such a thing, and the ones I do I know probably aren't big enough, so I borrowed some amazing Skyrim screenshots from Dead End Thrills. I think it was the right decision. You, too, can design your own pillow cases with photo collections, individual photos, or even more artistic pictures and typography! It's never limited to just photographs.

   To me, the two most important things when it comes to such a company are colour transferring and the feel of the finished piece. I chose two very different images to test out how well light and dark colours come out, as well as detail. And I have to say, I'm impressed.

The black silhouette of the Blackreach pillow case has the colour bang on - that shade of turquoise is my favourite in the world, and I'm very picky about it, and they got it perfectly right, and the black is also perfectly dark enough. Detail was not lost, colours did not bleed - if they would have, it would have been in the lighter details of the rocks, but it's all still perfectly clear.

   In the twin dragons pillow case, which was quite bright due to the exposure levels of the original image, is also exactly the same as the original. The colours and detail are perfect, and the right things are crisp. I don't personally feel much detail was lost.

   Then there's the feel of the finished piece. I had partly expected the covers to be a little rough with the images kind of printed onto it, but instead it is extremely smooth. Smoother than any other pillow case I currently own. The colours are printed more into it than onto it, and are machine washable and tumbledryable. This leads me to assume of course that the finish of every other fabric piece you're likely to come into frequent contact with - deckchairs, blankets, beanbags, duvet covers, and so on - are all going to be perfectly comfortable.

   For anyone interested in such things, they even do fabric printing - perfect for projects!

   I know a few people who are very hard to shop for, especially when it comes to christmas presents, and while I wouldn't usually go to such places for gifts, I think BagsofLove.co.uk could be really helpful this year! There is such a massive range of products that I really do think I could find something for everyone!
   They ship internationally, so no one misses out, but it's wonderful for us Brits, since few good companies ever seem to be based here, minus a few wonderful Etsians.

Monday 30 July 2012

Etsy Favourite Feature

Another little feature of four items from my favourites. Going through all of my Etsy
favourites really makes putting a christmas wishlist together easy - though, convincing
my better half to buy them for me is another issue altogether!
Still, at least you guys can still get 40% off of my shop until Wednesday! My
shop banner has the details ^^ And the Destroy This Journal competition goes live
that day too! So get to work, lovelies!

'Destroy This Journal' Competition

 Don't forget, you can still get 40% off of Peaches and Pebbles with the code
PNPBDAY1 until August 1st!

   It's July the 30th. The Destroy This Journal competition begins in two days, and lasts for the entirety of August and September. There are prizes aplenty, but I would not turn down offers for more!
   There are participational prizes, so even if you don't win, you still get some veeery nice discounts from some Etsy stores!

   It's such an easy competition, what you really need to do is switch your brain off. Don't think, just do. The point of the competition is to show how amazing and versatile books are when compared to iPads and laptops and other such things. I've began to "destroy" a journal already and it's great fun! No two journals will look alike by the end of it.

   Any book can be used - journal, address book, notebook and so on. I used an address book, but instead of filling in addresses, I wrote something relevant to me for each letter. You can pick books up in thrift stores and $1/£1 shops, or you could make your own from scratch, to add that extra touch of personality!

   Entries are to be sent in the form of pictures by email - so there's no need to post anything for real. I'll accept a minimum of 5 pictures, one of which must be of the finished book, while the rest can be of individual pages and processes of others.

   For full details of the competition, including the range of prizes being offered, see the competition page.
   I'll still happily accept other prizes - which makes you eligible to cast a vote for the winner at the end - and they can be submitted to me via email. I don't bite!

   I hope lots of you will enter ^^ like I've said, there are participational prizes as well as great prizes for the winner, and it's a lot of fun to participate anyway ^^

BWS tips button

Friday 27 July 2012

Kysharok - Part 9

   Sancturist Arthalun looked down at the frozen figure beside him and the edges of his mouth downturned. He looked back to Varai and bid him to stand up. "Velinil," he began, addressing him by his former regiment title, "I thank you for stopping him. I'm not sure how he got out, but if he had left the Sanctuary grounds, I worry what will have come of anyone unlucky enough to cross his path.
   Varai stood with a frown. "What's wrong with him?" He asked, sheathing his sword on his back once again.
   The white-haired man sighed. "We don't know yet. Something happened here a few days ago - we don't know what - and we found twelve bodies just laying out here. We took them inside to treat them, but..." he shook his head and looked back to the young man who remained completely still in what had been an attempt to reach out at Varai. "The ones who are still asleep are not responsive to our healers' attempts to wake them, and those that have come back around are...not what they used to be," he explained, gesturing to the almost-statue. "It's as if they're possessed, but we can find no traces of demonic magic within them...we can barely find life."
   "What does that mean?"
   "It means they shouldn't be able to move much, if even react to sound or stimuli, but here they are, walking around." He gestured for the man beside him to see to the body. He was holding some kind of small glass vial in his hand, and as he uncorked it, the Sancturist  bade Varai to release the spell. Immediately the body moved as though it had never been stuck, but within only seconds, it fell to the ground and remained still once again. The second man lifted the body over his shoulder with little trouble.
   "There are others like this?" He asked as he followed them towards the building at the older man's request.
   He nodded. "About seven have awoken like this. Two of the others have died, while three remain asleep. We're keeping them contained until we can figure out what is wrong with them and how to reverse it. There has been an incident already, however, when one of the healers was attacked by one of the walkers, much like you just a few moments ago, and given her lack of combat awareness, was quickly destroyed by him."
   "Destroyed?" He asked, his brow knotting deeply as they stepped inside the silent and well-lit, almost crystal interior of the Sanctuary.
   "She was a shrivelled husk within seconds."
   Varai almost faultered in his shock, both at what the Sancturist had said, and the way he had said it.
   "There was nothing we could have done. There were no Venko like yourself here, let alone of your level; it was only myself and the usual healers and sancturists to deal with them."
   "What did it do to her?"
   "Sucked out her soul."
   "What?!" This time he stopped at the top of a set of stairs they were about to ascend. Arthalun had already taken a few steps down, while the man carrying the body was a few steps ahead of him still, and hadn't stopped to wait with them. Instead, he continued on downwards, while Arthalun turned to regard the warrior.
   "We have no idea how he did it, but the moment his hand touched her chest," he said, placing his own over where his heart beat, "she began to scream. Within seconds she was dead."
   Varai shook his head and gradually began to descend the steps, following the Sancturist's lead. "How could they manage that? Are you sure they're not possessed? It sounds like demonic magic to me."
   "Yes, it does to us, too, but we can find no traces of it within them."
   "How did that one get out?"
   He shook his head. "I don't know. Their intelligence seems to have dropped, so I'm not sure if they're clever enough to learn from watching us unlock the door to their containment unit. They're much like walking corpses at the moment, but they retain some kind of basic intelligence."
   They reached the bottom of the steps, then turned to descend another set alongside them. "I'm sure they're possessed," he told Varai quietly, as though anyone who heard him say it might accuse him of being part of it, somehow. "But I can find nothing to prove it apart from their apparent obsession with souls. And that alone isn't enough to go by. If we attempt to perform some kind of exorcism to draw out any potential demon, then if there isn't one there, we risk letting one in. And that would certainly only make this situation worse."
   Varai asked no more questions as they continued down the second staircase, instead choosing to follow the Sanctury leader silently to the containment-viewing room. Once they got there and he was allowed free to stare out of the high glass window and down into the room they were kept in, he was shocked to find that they were all dressed in students' garb. He found himself counting, and indeed there were seven walking around in there. He frowned.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Games Console Clock DIY

   The old Xbox 360 RROD'd last year. We read it could be fixed, but we couldn't really be bothered to take the risk, so we bought a flashy new one without overheating problems. We gave the old one to my dad and told him if he could fix it he could have it (sent him the how-to). He only has a PS2 and only plays racing games, but as you might have noticed, they don't make PS2 games anymore, so there's nothing new for him to do, and goodness knows he won't buy anything for himself.
   I decided a few months ago that we needed a clock - I was fed up with having to ask him the time when he was playing a game, and since his phone broke (which was really just a glorified alarm clock) a while ago we haven't had much in the way of telling the time in our bedroom - not a real problem, but it's a nuisance in the morning when I have to guess the time and end up getting up when I could have slept an hour longer.

   Me being me, I added 1 and 1 and got 47, but it seemed like a good idea anyway. I turned the old xbox into a clock. I had remembered when I was little that I'd had a magazine with a free clock - Smash Hits or something - and I think the clock was Madonna's face. Either way, it had a clock box (a little black box with all the cogs inside and a battery slot) and 3 hands. Putting it together was quick and easy (for dad - I was too little to really understand. I didn't really know who Madonna was when I was 9 either, and when I did I wasn't fond of her). I had a look on ebay, lo and behold, there were plenty there for like £4. Overall, putting the whole thing together was pretty easy, the only tricky bit was getting the old console apart. Otherwise it was easy peasy to make my DIY Xbox Clock. Here's how I did it:

   So for this I used the afore mentioned broken old Xbox. It was still in perfectly good shape, it was just sick on the inside. Then there's the clock parts, and a hot glue gun, just in case I broke something and needed to fix it for aesthetic's sake. I did not picture tools because I am clever, but you will likely need them. Most games consoles have tools you can get to open them specifically, but I had none so I used little screwdrivers. You'll also want a drill of some kind. I couldn't find a power drill (disappointing but probably for the best) so I used a manual one. I also didn't know how to change the drill bits so I used a small one and then a big one. Leave me alone, I'm a girl, I'm supposed to make sandwiches not use tools. 
   Keep in mind with different consoles, however, how the clock will look. As long as there is enough room inside the chassis to fit the clock box (usually about 3x3 inches) and have the...the bit the hands are fixed to poking comfortably through at the same time then it'll be fine - clock hands don't need to be flat against anything. The Xbox (original and 360) work great because they are just that - boxes. The sides that matter are flat - and can be stood easily on their side if you'd rather have a chunky bedside clock instead of a wall clock.

   Your first task is to dismantle the console. Regardless of the console, you can probably find tutorials online for taking them apart. Failing that, you only want the chassis really, so have fun banging away at the seams. I used Llamma's tutorial for taking this Xbox apart, but I'm certain you can find other console tutorials elsewhere. If you're working with an old Sega Mega Drive/Genesis (the console of my childhood, and what seems to me to be the Nokia 3310 of game consoles) then it might be a little harder to find a tutorial, but it would be that much more awesome.

   Congratulations of being brave enough to take the console apart. Despite the fact that it was dead I was still apprehensive about taking it apart, as some of you already know. The next step was to clean it - it's an old, "white" console so naturally it's gotten dirty over the 4 years it was in use, and eventhough it was already taken apart, I still found myself trying not to get water in the vents. Adoy. After I found some sense I managed to clean it easily with a rough cloth and warm water, then because it was an awfully warm day, I left it in the sun (a hard thing to find in England) to dry and it was done in 5 minutes.

   Next the drill came out. I wanted it on the middle of the top plate so I went ahead and drilled it. Because I was using a small drillbit I drilled about five holes closely packed together, then took out a much larger drillbit probably about 11mm thick and used it to round out the hole and make it smooth.
   Once that's done, fix the clock in place and add the nuts and arms. The best way to ensure it will tell the right time is to put both arms on so that they say 12 o'clock. Add the battery to the box and set the time.

   I had to remove the inside, obviously, to get the clock in and reduce weight, which would have left me with a big hole where the disc drive used to me. The eject button was easily removeable in the first place, and with a firm tug I got the cover of the disc drive off too. I used my hot glue gun (the only time I needed it, fortunately) to fix the drive cover and eject button together. The eject button still easily fixed back in place without the Xbox's guts inside, so I used that to keep the drive cover in place.
   The console is going to hang on the wall, faceplate facing downwards, which meant that as I tipped it that way, the drive cover started tilting out. I hot glued some card to the back of it which is keeping it inside while it's tipped that way.

   Snap the pieces back together - this is much easier than taking it apart, just go backwards in the same order that the tutorial told you to take it apart in. Hey presto, you have a console clock. If you're flashy you could probably easily cut a big hole in the top plate and put a digital one in instead, but I can't stand the light the digital clocks create. I'd rather put up with ticking, it's much easier to tune out.


    Seeg wanted numbers on it, while I preferred the plain faceplate, but since it was his Xbox he let me destroy, it was only fair. But I don't like normal numbers. I'm much more partial to Roman Numerals, like him, but they also seemed too bland. Oblivion and Skyrim are two of my favourite games, so I decided to see if there were any such Daedric or Ayleid numericals, but apparently Daedra and Elves don't know how to count. So, in that case, I sat down and doodled out some Roman Numerals in a Daedric style (Daedric alphabet shown left). I drew them onto the xbox when I was happy with them then painted them on when that was done.

   I'm dead pleased with how this turned out, to be honest. I don't find the numbers overpowering at all, like I thought they might be, and I'm pleased with how they turned out as well. The next task is to drill a second hole in the back and get it up on the wall. It's very light so it won't rip the wall down, and I've given this great old console a new lease of life - one that won't overheat it.

My dad never tried to fix the Xbox, - like us, he couldn't be bothered. So we gave him a new Xbox 360 for Christmas 2012. And, surprisingly, he uses it. Still only racing games, but he was bowled over by the scale of the gift. It's usually just a book.

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Peaches and Pebbles Turns One! Birthday Sale!

   Yes, it's been a year since I opened my little old shop! And just over a year since I started this blog! I believe my first post was the 1st of July 2011. Perhaps it's not that exciting, but to celebrate both of these special occasions, I'm offering a whopping 40% off of my shop during this final week of July! Just use the code PNPBDAY1!

    I'm quite pleased with how my shop has come along, and with 52 sales I've done better than I actually thought I would have. I know some shops out there get like 200 sales in their first year, but I also know that some shops only get 10 sales in that time, so I recognise how lucky I am.

   Coming up with ideas is the hard part for me, because I have my mind in so many different places at once - I'm trying to keep this blog updated, I'm trying to write my novel and get agencies to pay attention to me, I'm trying to run this shop as well as being my mother's carer, and it can take a lot out of me. That coupled with the amount of crafty stuff I've been trying to do lately, and the new shop I'm hoping to open in October, my head has been busier than ever.
   New ideas come to me when they want to, though, and sometimes they can be at the credit of friends or my boyfriend - sometimes it only takes a single word.

   I'm also quite pleased with the feedback I've gotten from these sales. I've had a package or two go missing, but fortunately these customers have been wonderful, and I dispatched a replacement immediately, and they were very greatful - the best feedback I recall getting was from one such customer ^^ a lot of people underestimate the value of great customer service, but as a seller and buyer myself, helping your customers where possible (within reason) can be a great move - not to mention the fact that it can also result in repeat customers.

   Not to mention the friends I've made! Some I've met through teams, others I've met through shops - some I have to admit that I don't remember where I first met them, but I cherish them, and there are the lucky few who get more than just email contact! I do love sending letters and parcels! They're a great help when it comes to promoting items and sales, too, and I happily help them to promote their new endevours equally ^^ I don't like to give out random free ads or ad swaps to people, but if any of these people look up and suggest it, I'm on board right away!

   In short, I love how my little jewellery shop has turned out. I've met some great people, formed great friendships, and it's also led me to truly create this blog - while the blog is not exactly top standard, I'm dead pleased with the direction in which it's going ^^ So join me in my shop's birthday celebration and enjoy 40% off until August 1st! Use the code PNPBDAY1 and 40% of your total order (minus shipping) will be deducted at checkout ^^

How to Look Thinner in Photographs (Without Photoshop!)

   hi y'all! i'm carlia from nest building 101. i'm a new mom, a photographer, a DIY junkie, and a jill of all trades, and nest building 101 is my outlet for all of this. i love to include tutorials and tips on my site, so i thought i'd share a favorite photography tip with all of you. this is one for everyone, not just the photographer. thanks, kim for letting me crash the party!

   so, this tip is more for the model than the photographer, but photographers can still take these tips to help during their shoots as well.
   i'm not going to lie, this is one of those tricks that is so easy you'll think "why didn't i think of that?!?".
   for this one, i'm going to start with the before & after then explain how this optical illusion came to be.

completely unedited pics
thanks to my lovely niece for posing for me. she's a great sport!

the secret: it's all in the position of your jaw. when posing for a shot, most people don't pay too much attention to it and wind up looking something like this:

the solution: while relaxing your shoulders, position your head a bit forward (not jutting your chin out) and lowing your chin slightly.

don't overextend or you'll look like you're craning your neck for some inexplicable reason!
this is what it should look like:

ta-da! now you look 10lbs lighter! :)

a few more simple tricks:

  • lean toward the camera, not away. leaning away makes you look more broad.

  • shoot at a slightly elevated angle. shooting from above makes the face more prominent and the body smaller & less noticeable. shooting up is always a no-no, unless your model is anorexic-skinny!

  • twist at mid-waist to emphasize the smallest point of the body, accentuating the waist and minimizing the hips.

  • turn your face slightly away from the camera, keeping your eyes on the lens. this slims the face, lengthening the jawline, and showing the contour of the cheekbones.

it's amazing what a difference a shift in position can make, but it's important to be subtle with these techniques. you definitely don't want to look like you're trying too hard; it should look natural.

now, go out and take some awesome pics!

thanks again, kim! don't forget to visit me over at nest building 101! :)

Childhood Summers: Slip n Slide, Daytime TV Shows, and Giggles Galore.

   hello. first i'd like to thank you for reading my post and not skimming it- hey! are you starting to skim!?  i have a blog over at ChaiaWrites and i usually write about my daily adventures, insane antics, and anything i find "blogworthy" that happens in my life. you can most commonly find me saying "i'm gonna blog that" after something hilarious or bizarre happens. after all, if we don't document it, how will we remember it!? 

   my name is chaia scruggs, but soon to be marshall, as i am getting married july 28th. YES, IT'S RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, YES, I THINK I AM READY. *think* ...a few more things to do. but are you ever ready to get married!?  i have been blogging since... 2004. i guess that's not really THAT long but it is to me. i was a junior in high school. i'm now 25. yipes, i feel like i'm getting old.  so go visit my blog before i get any older. 

   i am also a photographer. i photography mostly families, children, and weddings. my website is www.chaiarae.com, and my photo blog is chaiarae.blogspot.com. hope you like it!! 

   the thing i remember most about childhood summer vacations was kickin it at home with my ma. my mom is a 4th grade elementary school teacher, so she gets the summers off, such as children do. it's a pretty nice bonus. i got to spend a lot of time doing crafts, cleaning, and just playing with her.
we never took fancy vacations, or expensive trips anywhere... we weren't super wealthy like most of my friends, but i feel like i was the wealthy one because i got to spend SO much time with my family and we are very close knit now. my mom always watched "young and the restless" everyday at 11 am, then we proceeded to watch "the price is right." i know it isn't exciting, but BOTH of those shows are still on tv, which kinda makes it neat. 

   i have two older sisters, and one older brother. we all stayed at home and hung out, doin our own thing in summertime. there's the occasional slip n slide in the yard, browsing yard sales, going for walks, and small lunch times. all in all i loved the simplicty of it all. i WISH i had so much spare time like that now, to just chillax and have fun with family. i feel like time is so pressed that i can't relax. 
sometimes it isn't the BIG trips and expensive vacations that get us the best memories- but instead, the small laughs and giggles we find in the tiniest places. i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. it's what built my childhood, my memory, my family. 

hope you enjoyed my blog. i'm usually not so warm-fuzzy-moment, but hell! it's a childhood blog post. it's gotta be somewhat fuzzy. ;-) 


Monday 23 July 2012

Etsy Favourite Feature

I've been really quite busy lately - it's been wonderful! I've been making all kinds of things,
I've been putting thought into tutorials again, and I'm just generally not sitting still for too long. It's
wonderful ^^ And what's better is that the blog is coming back to life again! And did you know that
it's my shop's birthday tomorrow? Sit tight for some nice big savings during the final week of July!
I'll be sure to post these coupon codes and whatnot right here on my blog for you ^^
But in the mean time, just see if you can't start your christmas shopping:

Saturday 21 July 2012

Envelope Ring Giveaway + Exclusive Coupon!

   But it's not here! Head over to Why Girls Are Weird to enter and grab your chance to win an envelope ring from my shop, an evangeline ring from This Enchanted Pixie, and $25 shop credit for Rissy Roo's! And, to top it all off, we've all contributed a 20-25% off coupon code for all entrants!

   Skip on over to Why Girls Are Weird to enter and check out her wonderful blog!

It's my shop's birthday soon, too, so keep your eyes open for some great sales this coming week!

Friday 20 July 2012

Kysharok - Part 8 - Fantasy

   He ignored the searing hot pain that shot across his back and was able to spin around, jump back a few paces, draw the sword from his back and face his foe. Having better view of the being, now, he found him to be wearing the same garb as a young Mage student, possibly only twenty years old - which, compared to his own seventy years which was quite hidden from his face, given the nature and lifespan of Mages, was a painful sight.
   The young man wasn't moving in any normal manner, either. He was sluggish, and seemed to not be able to lift his feet all that high, and instead seemed to drag them along. His posture was much the same, but he was leaning forwards more than he ought to have been - indeed, he should already have been on the floor, flat on his face. As Varai took another few steps back and to his right, he found that the young man was leaning forwards even more than he thought. Something seemed almost to be holding him up from above, like he was some kind of doll...
   "What's wrong with you?" Varai asked aloud, though in truth he didn't expect an answer. He grasped his sword in one hand and held it out before him. The sluggish figure changed his course to adjust to Varai's slight change of location, and it was clear he was after him, though he knew that much already. Something was very wrong with this student, but he couldn't do anything to help him until he knew what it was. He wasn't trained for that, though - he was a warrior, a soldier; he had faught in territorial battles, he'd won the scars, he'd won the duels - he'd even fought for and won his place as regiment leader, before later giving it up. But he wasn't a medic, a scholar, or any type of person interested in illnesses or other such things. He had wanted to prevent harm from coming to his people at all, not heal them.
   The figure continued to approach, and continued to hiss like some kind of reptile as he drew nearer.
   Varai's face knotted into a glare. "What's wrong with you?" He asked again, this time, foolishly, hoping for an answer.
   Nothing close to a response came, instead he continued to hiss, though perhaps a little louder, and was now only a few feet from the tip of his blade. He took an aggressive stance and prepared to counterattack, hoping at the same time that the man would stop before he had to. But he didn't. He kept coming, and Varai saw he had no choice but to defend himself.
   The movements remained sluggish though, so defending himself was simple enough, but he was still reluctant to bring harm to the disturbed individual, but after a few tens of seconds deflecting clawing grasps, his frown and resolve deepened, and his sword was briefly bathed in blue-white light. A moment later, and the figure was frozen in mid-reach.
   Varai lowered his sword to his side and took a step towards him. He still held the same forward-leaning posture, and still appeared to be held up by some unseen force. As he looked closer, he saw the eyes to not actually be completely white; there were traces of the iris, but it was extremely pale, but the pupil seemed to be completely nonexistant. The lips were thin and pale too...in fact the whole face had some kind of dead, ghostly hue.
   He shook his head gently as he looked upon him, but grasped his sword as he heard someone call his title.
   He looked past the frozen figure before him and back towards the Sanctuary's towering building. Another man was approaching, this one clad in a long black and golden coat. His hair was white and, though loose, was swept straight back. He was followed by another man, this one wearing only a black coat over his Vankar.
   Varai dropped to one knee and bowed his head as they reached him and stopped alongside the statuesque young man. "Sancturist Arthalun."

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