Monday 2 July 2012

I Lost My Mind

   It's up in the sky, somewhere, I think I lost it on a cloud over Ireland.
   I have no idea. Lately, I've not been able to focus my mind on my current work, like my writing, my jewellery, or really even anything close, but instead I'm able to come up with one thousand and one ideas for other things. I have plans for other ponies, before I've even finished this one; I've come up with several ideas for several other books before I've even finished the second book ofmy trilogy or heard back from the latest agent; I've been daydreaming about the bow; I've been thinking a lot on Send Something Good and Secret Blogger Swap; and last, but certainly not least, I've been thinking on making some plush toys, despite the fact that my sewing is so very, very poor.
   I can't seem to keep my concentration in one place. I just put planning - planning - into the potential plushies, only half an hour after getting the idea.

   Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to have so many ideas and plans, and when I get the next carer's allowance payment on Monday next week, I'm going to buy some fabric, thread and toy filling and give it a crack - I have a few full designs already made up. I just wish I had the same attention for what I'm supposed to be working on now. In fact, my imagination has been so active lately, I was finally able to create a brand new blog header which finally broke away from my original design. I'm going to change some of the pictures in the future, but it'll certainly do for now.

   I suppose what I'm trying to say is YAY, and also you can expect to see some of these (most likely failed) endeavours soon! I'm just glad to have new things to do. I'm really enjoying the pony - her hood, collar and clasps are done, all that remains are the boots and then a bucket of paint - and despite being really ill, like I mentioned earlier, I'm also feeling wonderfully happy. I'm over-the-moon-in-love, Seeg makes me laugh every single day, and despite how hard it is to look after my mum, I'm enjoying the free time I have to sit down and make these things. And you'll also notice this is the third blog update for the day. My brain won't keep still.

Have a picture of the squirrels on their last visit to the garden.

*is now distracted by something shiny)

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  1. I'm the same way, I get distracted SO EASILY. Or I get so excited for something in the middle of something else I was SO EXCITED for the day before. Ugh, so frustrating sometimes!


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