Wednesday 4 July 2012

Future Competition Update

   The 'Destroy This Journal' Competition I mentioned earlier is now certain to take place, and will likely begin on August the 1st until September 30th. Watch this space for full info and official announcement, but I can tell you now that there are already confirmed prizes for the winner, participational prizes, and I can announce my wonderful co-hosts: Whispering Sweet Nothings, and isavirtue! They will each be helping to spread the word, and will get to cast a vote towards the winner, while isavirtue will also be donating a prize or too for the winner!

   More prizes will be greatly appreciated - even if it's just a promotional discount code for participants, or a gift voucher/ad space/full product for the winner. We want to make it as juicy as possible!

   Consider this post as an update, and also the option to get a head start on the contest by buying/finding your preferred journal or notebook to "destroy"! If you're eager to see the competition mock-up page, which includes full contest info, see here. Otherwise, there will be a post to announce the beginning of the competition, with full up-to-date info including how to enter, the full prize list and more!
   Also, these books don't have to be journals you wrote when you were 15 - though that would certainly be something! You can have had them for years, or have found them in a £1 shop. They can be hardback or paperback, but obviously hardback notebooks and journals will be more fun to use, since they can withstand more and be a lot less likely to fall apart.


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