Tuesday 24 July 2012

Peaches and Pebbles Turns One! Birthday Sale!

   Yes, it's been a year since I opened my little old shop! And just over a year since I started this blog! I believe my first post was the 1st of July 2011. Perhaps it's not that exciting, but to celebrate both of these special occasions, I'm offering a whopping 40% off of my shop during this final week of July! Just use the code PNPBDAY1!

    I'm quite pleased with how my shop has come along, and with 52 sales I've done better than I actually thought I would have. I know some shops out there get like 200 sales in their first year, but I also know that some shops only get 10 sales in that time, so I recognise how lucky I am.

   Coming up with ideas is the hard part for me, because I have my mind in so many different places at once - I'm trying to keep this blog updated, I'm trying to write my novel and get agencies to pay attention to me, I'm trying to run this shop as well as being my mother's carer, and it can take a lot out of me. That coupled with the amount of crafty stuff I've been trying to do lately, and the new shop I'm hoping to open in October, my head has been busier than ever.
   New ideas come to me when they want to, though, and sometimes they can be at the credit of friends or my boyfriend - sometimes it only takes a single word.

   I'm also quite pleased with the feedback I've gotten from these sales. I've had a package or two go missing, but fortunately these customers have been wonderful, and I dispatched a replacement immediately, and they were very greatful - the best feedback I recall getting was from one such customer ^^ a lot of people underestimate the value of great customer service, but as a seller and buyer myself, helping your customers where possible (within reason) can be a great move - not to mention the fact that it can also result in repeat customers.

   Not to mention the friends I've made! Some I've met through teams, others I've met through shops - some I have to admit that I don't remember where I first met them, but I cherish them, and there are the lucky few who get more than just email contact! I do love sending letters and parcels! They're a great help when it comes to promoting items and sales, too, and I happily help them to promote their new endevours equally ^^ I don't like to give out random free ads or ad swaps to people, but if any of these people look up and suggest it, I'm on board right away!

   In short, I love how my little jewellery shop has turned out. I've met some great people, formed great friendships, and it's also led me to truly create this blog - while the blog is not exactly top standard, I'm dead pleased with the direction in which it's going ^^ So join me in my shop's birthday celebration and enjoy 40% off until August 1st! Use the code PNPBDAY1 and 40% of your total order (minus shipping) will be deducted at checkout ^^


  1. Congrats on being 1 and also on your sales rate. That's much higher than mine so far so well done you!



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