Tuesday 24 July 2012

Childhood Summers: Slip n Slide, Daytime TV Shows, and Giggles Galore.

   hello. first i'd like to thank you for reading my post and not skimming it- hey! are you starting to skim!?  i have a blog over at ChaiaWrites and i usually write about my daily adventures, insane antics, and anything i find "blogworthy" that happens in my life. you can most commonly find me saying "i'm gonna blog that" after something hilarious or bizarre happens. after all, if we don't document it, how will we remember it!? 

   my name is chaia scruggs, but soon to be marshall, as i am getting married july 28th. YES, IT'S RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, YES, I THINK I AM READY. *think* ...a few more things to do. but are you ever ready to get married!?  i have been blogging since... 2004. i guess that's not really THAT long but it is to me. i was a junior in high school. i'm now 25. yipes, i feel like i'm getting old.  so go visit my blog before i get any older. 

   i am also a photographer. i photography mostly families, children, and weddings. my website is www.chaiarae.com, and my photo blog is chaiarae.blogspot.com. hope you like it!! 

   the thing i remember most about childhood summer vacations was kickin it at home with my ma. my mom is a 4th grade elementary school teacher, so she gets the summers off, such as children do. it's a pretty nice bonus. i got to spend a lot of time doing crafts, cleaning, and just playing with her.
we never took fancy vacations, or expensive trips anywhere... we weren't super wealthy like most of my friends, but i feel like i was the wealthy one because i got to spend SO much time with my family and we are very close knit now. my mom always watched "young and the restless" everyday at 11 am, then we proceeded to watch "the price is right." i know it isn't exciting, but BOTH of those shows are still on tv, which kinda makes it neat. 

   i have two older sisters, and one older brother. we all stayed at home and hung out, doin our own thing in summertime. there's the occasional slip n slide in the yard, browsing yard sales, going for walks, and small lunch times. all in all i loved the simplicty of it all. i WISH i had so much spare time like that now, to just chillax and have fun with family. i feel like time is so pressed that i can't relax. 
sometimes it isn't the BIG trips and expensive vacations that get us the best memories- but instead, the small laughs and giggles we find in the tiniest places. i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. it's what built my childhood, my memory, my family. 

hope you enjoyed my blog. i'm usually not so warm-fuzzy-moment, but hell! it's a childhood blog post. it's gotta be somewhat fuzzy. ;-) 


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  1. Those are the best types of summer vacations! I didn't have a lot of extravagant vacations growing up, either' but I had a lot of good times. Congrats for your upcoming big day!!!


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