Friday 30 September 2011

I've spent my time

Staring at so any wedding arrangement pictures it's not even funny. Hair, dresses, cakes, but it's the details that I'm more interested in. What's on the table, what's sat on top of the plate waiting for guests, how is the bouquet wrapped? That sort of thing. One thing I hate about weddings though is the whole seating arrangement thing. I don't have anyone in my family or any of my friends who I have to sit seperately to avoid confrontations, and if I went to a wedding I don't want to sit with lots of people I don't know and have my friends scattered elsewhere.

Annyyway, that was a little bit random, but it is relevant. I'm going to try my hand at wedding details. Little things like those mentioned above, and if it works out (I can make enough different things and they look lush enough) I may open a second shop! No bridal jewellery though, I'd imagine brides would want diamonds and silver, not tack xD I would, at least!

I'm also trying out some ideas for new jewellery that would certainly not be wedding material. I love my dinosaur skulls, and I love the fact that they've been added to 7 treasury lists. They've had no sales, however, but they're getting my shop views. But they're the only paeleontological thing in my shop! I'm trying my hand at other fossil-like items and the like, but it's going slowly. I've come up with other things along similar lines that I want to try, but I don't know how they'll work out, but they're more recent than about 70 million years xD I'm hoping it'll go well.

I also have a love for decorative items. Little mobiles, wind catchers, garlands and things like that, so I'd like to see what I can muster in that department too! But, as it is, Peaches and Pebbles is jewellery. But keep your eyes open because there may be more soon!

Also, the giveaway over at Lollipops + Cupcakes is coming to a close, so it's your last chance to get your entries in today! Good luck everyone! I'm also quite pleased with the turn out there too!

Friday 23 September 2011

New Shipping Profile, and New Etsy Team!

First of all, a quick note to say that I've added the European Union to my shipping lists on Etsy. Therefore, if your country belongs to the EU, you're able to buy from me! I'm currently piecing together the shipping rates for outside EU Europe. Keep your eyes open!

Secondly, as you may have noticed, I've put together an Etsy Team. Now, the thing with this team is that, for it to be successful, I need people who are willing to post shops' buttons on their sidebar either for free or for a small fee. They need to join the team and submit their blog link along with whether or not the space is free or for a fee to the bottom of that month's blog directory. Only then will people start to join who could use this help.
It will work out for you as well, as, if you join, you can open your own threads requesting a sponsor to the giveaway you'd like to host, and other members can respond to the thread, or to you directly, offering their service.

There are simply 2 rules:
  1.  Do not harrass people who choose not to contribute to your giveaway just because you love their shop;
  2.  If someone doesn't want to give you a space for your shop's button, that is their choice as well.
That is all! Nothing is required from you except to submit your blog to the month's official thread if you have space for some adverts!

Also I have an idea for some more jewellery that follows a similar theme to the Fossilized Dinosaur Skull necklaces, which are, in fact, the most viewed items, and have also been in more treasury lists than anything else in my shop!

Sunday 4 September 2011

Some Pictures :)

I haven't used my camera to photograph anything but my jewellery for quite some time. I used to be an avid photographer, but I just sort of lost my mojo a year or so back, and whenever I did take something I was never happy with it. So, I gave it up. I can't say I'm sad to have done that, since I was getting no ideas anyway, but I am extremely grateful for the experience I have. It means I'm able to take more confident pictures of my jewellery, but, most importantly, it means that when I am presented with an opportunity, I can take advantage of it to the best of my abilities.

My abilities are not great ;P but I'm very proud of these! Some wild mice live in our garden, have done for a few years to be honest, and they've gotten more confident as of late and don't run off when we go outside as quickly. I came downstairs the other morning to do something quick and nerdy on the computer, when I happened to glance out of my kitchen window and spotted one of the younger mice hanging on the bird feeder and eating peanuts through the bars. I'd seen them do this before, but never was I so lucky. It was a bright morning, my parents were out so there was no one to frighten it off, my camera was nearby, and the conservatory door was already wide open.
I took a photo through the window, but I wasn't happy with the glare from the glass. It was then that I saw the open door, and went to take a photo through it. The mouse didn't seem to notice me though, so I dared a step outside. Very scary because of the wheelchair ramp that goes outside for my mum, it could easily have creaked and scared it off. But nope!
In fact, I managed to get a few feet away, and no amount of quiet giggling that I couldn't contain in my excitement scared it off :D and I got some really cute pictures when it did decide to leave, slowly andtaking its own time :D