Saturday 19 December 2015

25 Photos Until Christmas - Day 19

   Today is my final day of taking orders for Christmas, and while most of my products are made to order, I've been working extra hard over the past two weeks to build up some ready-to-ship stock of my best sellers. That way I've been able to extend the deadline for UK Christmas orders to midnight tonight and can post them stress-free on Monday morning, which is also my last post run of the year. So, as of yesterday, I no longer have to handle clay, paints or adhesive until January, and as a treat for myself, I paid a visit to the new nail bar in my local hair salon. The nail bar opened up about 2 months ago and given that I'd already set out the Christmas deadline dates, I was able to make an appointment 2 weeks in advance to beat the Christmas rush. I'm so glad I did! It was nice to sit down and do nothing, I got a full nail treatment and hand massage, and came out of it with a wonderful shade of red that this picture just couldn't capture properly, and guaranteed for 2 weeks - and since I don't have to handle polymer clay, I certainly won't be melting it off! Polymer clay has a tendancy to react to nail polish and ruin it, which is part of the reason I made sure to be completely finished with clay beforehand. No pun intended.


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