Wednesday 23 December 2015

25 Photos Until Christmas - Day 23

   I've been in the kitchen all day. I've made tiffin, biscuits and a red velvet cake for Christmas - and, best of all, I didn't lick any spoons, spatulas or whisks. It may be Christmas, but if I let myself relax a little too much, I'll end up undoing the last 3 months of work, and I just can't have that. I did try one small piece of tiffin - divine - so I'm satisfied that I haven't missed out! And I decided I'd show my cake for today's 25 Photos Until Christmas - really, really pleased with it! The trees are biscuit, the snow is, of course, powdered sugar, and while it looks like the cake has dropped, it hasn't, it's perfectly level. It's just a bad bit of frosting that was unfortunately accentuated by the sugar.


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