Sunday 20 December 2015

25 Photos Until Christmas - Day 20

   My shop is officially finished for Christmas. It's still open to take orders, but those orders won't be processed until the new year. I could set it to vacation mode, but it irritates me when shops do that because I can't impulse-buy as all listings are deactivated, and I always forget when I have to wait for them to return. So I don't want to make that mistake. Instead, my listings have been changed to a 1-2 weeks processing time, which coincides with January 4th at this point which is when I intend to start shipping again, so it will all work out. It's also mentioned in my policies, shop announcement and banner, so the info isn't hard to find.
   And so, finally, I have some time to chill and do nothing. All orders I've received up to this point are packaged up and ready to go tomorrow, and after that little post office trip, I'm officially finished. So I'm indulging in some World of Warcraft with a cup of sencha while Seeg plays Super Smash with his brother and friends back in The Netherlands, and a gorgeous roast chicken dinner cooks away downstairs. Sigh.


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