Saturday 5 December 2015

25 Photos Until Christmas - Day 5

   Today was a little different. I took my parents out to The Wild Place, a small zooish place nearby. There's not much there, but it was quiet and a morning out for my parents that wasn't to a garden centre, and, to be fair, there were a few animals we'd never actually seen before, like cheetahs walking in their enclosure just 3 feet away from you, and you could get really very close to meerkats who were far from skittish. Not to mention that goats had free reign in one area and followed us around.

   Like I said, there was little there, but it was a lovely morning out and I know that my mum enjoyed it. Her eyes shake a lot because of her MS so she doesn't really see very much, but she certainly saw these goats and had a good laugh at them, and she also saw the Meerkats, who came right up to the glass and watched her in return. I think it was a lovely day out - and we stopped in Thorntons and bought some alpini ;P

   I also saw a reindeer! Yay!! I wanted to see one this year, I'd declared that back in October, and I'm glad I got the chance. It was early in the morning though, so they were sleepy and just pottering about, but they seemed quite happy and quite calm, as did most of the animals really, so that was really nice.

   But as for today's photo, I decided that, though I wanted it to be the reindeer, I've opted for the Christmas tree in the entrance to the park, which is a refurbished stable. I loved the simplicity of the farm house, all the lights and what not, even if they're not lit. It gives me a sense of both Christmas and comfort.


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