Monday 20 June 2016

Work Outside - 30 Days Wild - Mindful Monday

   It has been raining a bit lately, which has been lovely - I love the rain, just like I love the cold - but it has meant that going outside hasn't been as easy. I've peered out from the conservatory, done yoga beneath the pergola (absolutely amazing when the rain is pouring beyond it), and brought the outside in with a batch of flowerpot cakes. So when the sun poked its head out of the clouds today, I took my work outside. I had a chapter to proof and parked myself beneath the pergola (just in case) and set to work, feeling the breeze, listening to the birds and, again, getting in the squirrels' way. I didn't work as efficiently, though, as I didn't consider how often the birds would sing nor how often ice cream vans would drive by along the nearby main road. Being synaesthetic, the songs of both birds and ice cream vans are very colourful and subsequently extremely distracting, especially when you grow to learn the tunes and then continue humming them when they've stopped, so what should have been an hour's job (it was a short chapter) became almost two. But I did get it done, and rather than grow irritated by the distractions, I allowed them. Because nature isn't so predictable. And neither is ice cream.


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