Thursday 9 June 2016

Wild Workout - 30 Days Wild - Throwback Thursday

   It is a beautiful day today. It's quite nice to view from the window. I'm not the kind of person who goes for heat - my ideal holiday is surrounded by snow - but the back garden is densely shadowed until around midday, and the decking until around 2, so I've been taking my morning workouts outside all month so far to make sure I get a bit of nature in.
   So, as today is Throwback Thursday, I decided to use the animal-inspired workout I put together during 30 Days Wild last year. I forgot how hard it is. A single 8-rep circuit takes about 5 minutes but works up an amazing sweat, giving you a good balance of cardio and resistance. Do the workout three times through and you'll have 15 minutes very well-spent. It's only 1% of your day, after all, and it needs no kit at all, so there are no excuses! Hit the garden!


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