Thursday 30 June 2016

#30DaysWild 2016 2-Week Round Up

Another compilation round-up of the second half of 30 Days Wild 2016!

Week 3:

Wild Wednesday: a walk in the woods.
I had some time off of looking after my mum while my dad took her for a routine hospital check-up, so I took the opportunity to wander the nearby woods with Seeg, looking for creatures which weren't there - fortunately, I suppose. Can't say running into a leshen would be a good thing, really.

Throwback Thursday: flower pot cakes.
I revisited one of the simplest cakes I've ever made, but easily one of my favourites. These flowerpot cakes are just chocolate cupcakes set in plant pots with a bit of green fondant. Easy peasy!

Fantasy Friday: The Bragoh And The Rock.
Another story of Digaba, the little lichen-covered guardian of Erivana's northernmost forest, this one is inspired by a fossil we found after cleaning out our fishtank and dropping one of the big rocks that had been inside it on the ground. A fossilised shell was within it, so you can imagine how excited I was - we were the first people to ever see it - and I decided to base this story upon that!

Studious Saturday: a small study of blackbirds.
I've always loved blackbirds, but I don't see many of them in the garden. There used to be a few starlings about, too, but they're rarely seen about here anymore. But when I decided to take some time to watch the garden through the window on Saturday and finally saw a pair, I thought I'd do a sketch and a smidge of reading on them instead.

Sticky Sunday: new jewellery collection and the winners of my competition with Wildlife Watch, the junior branch of The Wildlife Trusts.

Mindful Monday: worked outside.
Along with taking my workouts this month - yep, still in the habit, even in the rain - I took my writing outside, too. It proved to be more difficult than I expected...

Tasty Tuesday: lemon spiced chicken with chickpeas and spinach.
I made a lovely dinner with locally-sourced ingredients, counted as 2 of my 5 a day, high in magnesium (to ward off migraines), low in carbs and 300 calories! Yay! I was a happy bunny, and my family was happy for a change, too.

Week 4:

Wild Wednesday: wandering in the woods.
I went out for another wander through the woods with Seeg, taking everything in and trying to absorb as much as I could, every detail, scent, sound. It was raining, which made it even better, because we were protected by the trees, for the most part.

Throwback Thursday: mini garden moss terrarium.
I revisited a post from 2013 for the final Throwback Thursday, wherein I made a simple terrarium with moss and rocks. Bring some of the 'outside' in!

Mindful Monday: rest and recovery.
I fell ill on Thursday night - at least that was when I noticed it - and on Friday morning I woke up feeling like the rising dead. It lasted all weekend, and I was even lucky enough to have a migraine early on, which made the whole experience worse. I suspect it was just a bug of some kind, but with the addition of migraine and post-migraine symptoms, it was made so very much worse.
   However, I did start feeling better on Monday (typical, isn't it?) so I sat out in the garden for some fresh air for the first dry day in a week, and did some yoga on the decking in the morning. I didn't dare try my usual workout, still felt too fragile for that, but I really resent the fact that I was forced to miss out on 3 of 30 Days Wild for reasons out of my hands, and as such my blogging schedule somewhat fell apart for the rest of the week.

Tuesday: nature art & handmade creators.
I decided to show a few of my favourite Etsy sellers who focus their efforts on making nature-inspired products and designs. I've loved these sellers for a long while and thought they deserved a look-in during 30 Days Wild for like-minded nature lovers!

Wild Wednesday: garden watching.
I've mentioned this month already how often different wildlife graces our garden, and I decided to gather a few pictures of some of them - prompted, admittedly, by a sighting of a woodpecker on the fat ball feeder! Very exciting!!

Tasty Tuesday-Turned-Thursday: clean eating pastry with garlic and moringa; spiced lemon chicken mini pot pie.
A bit of a mouthful - and a tasty one, at that - I revisited last week's lemon spiced chicken and made little pot pies out of it, and made a clean-eating pie crust lid which tasted divine even by itself! It also saved a ton of calories by only being a lid, and it was much more nutritious than most other pastries. Dinner: sorted.


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