Wednesday 22 June 2016

Wandering - 30 Days Wild - Wild Wednesday

   This afternoon I found myself with some spare time again (hooray!) so I dragged Seeg out of the house and we went wandering through the woods. It was raining but I figured we'd be all right, and I was quite correct! It was comfortably cool, we were dry for the most part, and once again I gathered inspiration for my writing. It sounds silly, but until you try to write a journey through a forest, you don't realise that you have no idea what it's like. We're always so connected to the hustle and bustle of modern life, even in rural areas, and it can be quite difficult indeed to escape it. So whenever these opportunities come up, I grasp them. The same goes with a family drive through the middle of nowhere - I look at the formation of the land, the natural details in the landscape I always overlook.
   Yes, I write fantasy - published, in fact - and in fantasy I can make up whatever I want, within reason. But nature itself, natural history, geology, is so important to me that I like to make sure I give my worlds a real foundation. This has caused me problems, I admit. Sometimes I find it hard to add fantasy elements because I'm so concerned about the world I've created being believable, so it's about trying to strike a good balance. After all, a believable world can make fantasy elements even more believable themselves!
   And fantasy is what I live for.


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