Monday 27 June 2016

Rest And Recovery - 30 Days Wild - Mindful Monday

   EU Referendum aside, a subject I simply refuse to talk about, this has not been a good weekend. I managed to catch something off of my 2 year old nephew and I've been sick in bed since Thursday night, and had a migraine hit during, so it's been three days of intermittent numbness, headaches, muscle spasms, shaking vision, dizziness and light sensitivity, on top of the need to keep a bowl of sorts handy. I doubt it would have been as bad if I didn't get the migraine, but the two together spelled out something awful.
   Fortunately Seeg was lovely enough to buy me season 1 and 2 of Creature Comforts, so I've been quite entertained. And I had Star Trek when I'd watched those to death. Not that I haven't watched that to death...

   I've been unable to do anything for 30 Days Wild for the past three days, however, which has been frustrating me because I hate committing myself to something like that and then being unable to see it through for reasons out of my hands, and I've also had writer's block since Tuesday which has been stressing me out additionally. Fortunately I started feeling well enough on Sunday evening to try writing again and I've been finding it easier, so at least the block is passing, but I was unable to get my final installment of Fantasy Friday up because I just couldn't write it.
   My whole blogging schedule for 30 Days Wild got turned upside down by the interruption, so I've decided to throw it away for the final few days. There are a few things I've wanted to do and I intend to fit them in before the end of the month, and I will do so as and when I can.
   Of course, July 1st doesn't necessarily mean that bringing a bit of the outside in has to stop, and I will endeavour to keep exercising outside when I can (not easy during English summer; it's little more than rain, and it's barely stopped since Tuesday), just as I will always leave out food for the animals and ensure there's room for them to hide - in fact we discovered a hedgehog building a nest behind the birdbath in the back garden on Sunday afternoon, with characteristically loud clumsiness.
   But there are a few little plans I had for the blog that I intend to get up, and I also hope to be able to get the final short story up, too, as it actually ties into The Archguardians of Laceria.

   So the past few days have been frustrating and uncomfortable, to say the least, but perhaps for the best in a warped sort of way. I'm the kind of person that simply cannot sit down, do nothing and turn my brain off. I'm always doing several things at once - making notes and working through character development while playing video games or eating dinner, writing my book while watching TV, making animals for my shop while writing out blog posts, articles, my book or watching TV. I'm constantly juggling things. There are only two instances in my day when I am doing only one single thing, and that is when I'm exercising, because I work hard enough that I can't possibly even think about anything else, and when I'm sleeping. That's it. So being ill and lying in bed (and I'm simply not the type to do that, if I'm ill I still get up and get on with things; I'm a full-time carer, I can't afford to wallow in bed), watching TV or sleeping, has been a frankly wonderful opportunity to switch off my brain and do nothing. It was hard, and I felt guilty for it at every moment, but it was ultimately valuable. My mind is a bit clearer, more organised than it was - than it has been for a long time, in fact - and I can think a little straighter. Which is nice.

   Today I managed to sit out in the garden with a book - The Tamuli by David Eddings - since the rain finally stopped, and I did some yoga in the morning on the decking. I didn't dare try any Hero's Journey stuff, I'm still feeling a little too fragile - but at least Mindful Monday didn't have to change!

   Also, for those interested, all pieces from my British Coasts collection have been listed in my Etsy shop as individual necklaces. 


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