Saturday 11 June 2016

Acer - 30 Days Wild - Studious Saturday

   I love acers. There's a big Japanese maple growing in the garden and I love the shape of its leaves and the colour of the youngest. I had a real good look at them today, noting their serrated edges and yellow veins. It's easily one of my favourite trees - as far as trees go, of course. I'm more interested in rocks.
   Cultivating your garden and letting trees and shrubs grow rather than just flowers gives wildlife a place to hide, and wildlife won't visit if there's nowhere to conceal themselves. You may not think there are really any predators about, but where small wildlife collects, even hoards of sparrows, there will be hunters. Of course, they can be wonderful to see in your garden, too. Watching a sparrowhawk dive straight into the hedge from goodness knows how high and goodness knows how fast is a bit of a thrill!


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