Tuesday 14 June 2016

Woodland Themed Picnic - 30 Days Wild - Tasty Tuesday

   Picnics! I've seen a load of young families enjoying them outside while on my walks, and they somewhat provoked the desire to do the same - being a full-time carer, however, I have no time to go out and enjoy a picnic with friends, and given the severity of my mum's condition, she's stuck at home. Of course, she used to take such care over the garden, and since she's been unable, my dad's taken over and with both of their long-term effort it has become a really pretty place, and modified subtly enough that we can easily get her wheelchair outside.
   So I decided to take my mum on a garden picnic this afternoon. But, of course, I'm not satisfied with merely taking food outside, so I tried to dress it up a bit. So I made a healthy woodland picnic with bird nest sandwiches, fox tail carrots and cream cheese, squirrel foraged nuts and fruits and pond water smoothies. I admit that most of it is in the name.

   The bird nest sandwiches consist of three pieces of wholemeal bread cut into circles, two of which additionally hollowed with a smaller circle (ultimately equating to the nutrients of just two slices of  bread), then stacked so the whole circle sits at the bottom and filled with egg mayonaise, providing fibre, carbs, fat and protein.
   The fox tail carrots are simply baby carrots - if you use tinned, then half a tin counts as one of your five a day - dipped into cream cheese, providing fibre and protein.
   The squirrel foraged fruits and nuts are just nuts and dried fruits, any kind you like, providing additional healthy fats, protein and carbs, all kinds of different water-soluable and fat-soluable (meaning they need to be eaten alongside fat in order to be absorbed into the body) vitamins and minerals as well as a good bit of healthy sweetness, and can of course be tailored to fruits and nuts of your liking. Almonds and cranberries are some of the most nutrient-dense easily available.
   The pond water smoothies are simply green smoothies - you can use any recipe, but I used a kiwi and matcha recipe (2 halved & peeled kiwis, 1/2 banana, handful of baby spinach, 100ml cup vanilla yogurt, 1 tsp matcha, 100ml apple juice & 10-12 ice cubes blended together until smooth). You can replace the matcha, which provides an amazing hit of antioxidants, with spirulina or moringa, both of which will provide plant protein, and the whole thing providing carbs and fibre and 2 of your 5 a day.

   It's healthy, it's clean, it's different and it's fun! It's a wonderful woodland picnic to be enjoyed any summer day in a park or your back garden, by children and adults alike. And it's so easy, too!

   I'm also excited to offer a giveaway! I've got just one badger jar necklace left from last year's summer collection, and I've decided to put it up for grabs rather than sell it. I was really pleased with the outcome of the piece more than most of the others, and given that The Wildlife Trusts' logo features a badger, I thought it would be a good fit for 30 Days Wild!
   So, to be in for a chance at winning the last necklace, use the rafflecopter widget below. The competition is open worldwide and closes on the 28th of June, so you've got 2 weeks to get your entries in!

Competition closed; the necklace is now on its way to Norfolk!


  1. Went to an elephant park in Thailand a few years ago and rode on one. Elephants are considered as sacred in that country and you get to see some on the main streets too.

  2. i haven't had many experiences, but I would love to feed the big cats one day

  3. I haven't had many but I did enjoy horse riding through the turkish country side. Saw lots of wildlife, also the horses went through the river :)


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