Wednesday 15 June 2016

Walk In The Woods - 30 Days Wild - Wild Wednesday

   My mum was out of my hands today, taken for a routine check-up at the hospital, so I was able to take my walk further today and get more out of my limited spare time. There's a wonderful patch of forest near my house which I've not had the chance to visit for years, which is painful since it's so nearby, so I decided to take the opportunity. I'd expected to pass a few people within since a lot of dog walkers head that way, but I crossed no one, which was nice. It was warm, too, so it was nice to keep to the shade.
   I rather like doing things like that, walking disconnected from the modern world. My kind of fantasy tends to be medieval, so I never write about technology, but because I'm so often surrounded by it it can be hard to put myself into the worlds I create. Whenever the opportunity arises to go somewhere away from technology, I usually leap at it, but given my commitments, that's not often. I get time away when Seeg's parents come to visit, and we often go on forest walks with them, and it's wonderful. I teleport myself away, envision myself in a forest of my creation and take note of my surroundings, how it looks, feels, smells, sounds, and if there's anything that makes my heart sing, it's that.

   Today my imagination got away from me, however. Having watched Seeg play the Witcher on the weekend and still being in the middle of world-building myself, I wasn't so much taking time to look around at what was there, but what wasn't. Leshens, godlings, fiends, and then the creatures and beings I've created. Not that I'd want to encounter most of them, but still. I was looking at hidey holes, places in which such things could lurk, hunt, make their home, avoid for one reason or another, and it really helped me make some serious progress when I got home. Even if I did track mud through the conservatory and hallway in my excitement.


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