Saturday 4 June 2016

Wild Shapes - 30 Days Wild - Studious Saturday

   From my 'desk' (read: corner of the bed where I sit against a Nikki McWilliams Tunnock's tea cake cushion, laptop on my lap and Seeg playing video games beside me, occupying the very desk I've not used in 6 years), I've got a pretty great view of the world outside. I can watch people have a fling with football while England still thinks it has a shot in the World Cup - so generally it's a brief, 2-week romance - I can judge people who 'take their dog for a walk', which really means keep the poor thing on a leash, pulling it along behind them or holding it back if it tries to race ahead and get some real exercise, all while the owner completes their usual route in increasingly short time. I can watch crows dive bombing buzzards, squirrels stealing nuts, children falling over and parents over-fussing them.
   But above all that, there is one thing that has began to niggle at me in my procrastination. I'm not going to direct you to it nor tell you even how big or how small it is, but in this image, there is a near-perfect circle in the trees. It's made by a combination of light, branches, leaves and then your own mind filling in the blanks. I first noticed it about 3 years ago and since then I've watched it throughout the seasons. It's there in the winter, though less complete since there's no shadow cast by leaves to fill it out, and it's easy to spot in the spring and summer. I've meant to take a picture of it since then, but never did. I thought of it when I spotted it again today and decided it was the best opportunity.

   Can you find it? It stands out like a sore thumb to me, but like I said, I've been staring at it for about 3 years now.


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