Monday 6 June 2016

Dawn Chorus - 30 Days Wild - Mindful Monday

   I had something else in mind for today's 30 Days Wild Mindful Monday, but when I woke up irritatingly early (I blame last night's triple chocolate cookies Seeg forced upon me), I found I was just in time for the dawn chorus. I lay there for a while listening to it over the rain, and decided after ten minutes to see if my little digital camera would pick up the noise.
   Unsurprisingly, it's mostly rain, but the closest and loudest birds are there.
   It was surprisingly loud with the window open, and it's quite amazing really that we can filter it out as well as we do every single morning. I also really relaxed under the sound, once I got used to it, and it gave my day a surprisingly good start. I did manage to get back to sleep, but the unique relaxation flowed into the morning and I attacked my workout with unusual vigour!


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