Wednesday 15 June 2016

30DaysWild 2-Week Round Up

So we're half way through 30 Days Wild 2016, and I thought I'd take a moment to collect up all of my posts for the past 14 days! I've tried to create a schedule and, so far, it seems to be working out - how long that will last, though, I have no idea, but it has helped me to get a little more out of the wild and look at it in different ways.

Week 1:

Wild Wednesday: taking work outside.
For the first day of the month I decided to keep it simple and take my work outside. I wrote the post then went over my book beneath the pergola and watched the birds flit about nearby, and the squirrel who appeared a few times to see if I'd gone yet so he could get past me to the nuts.

Throwback Thursday: wild childhood holidays.
Back to my workout after my usual rest day, I decided to take it outside, a trend which I kept up for the fortnight so far, but I also took time to reflect back on my childhood holidays. Unlike my friends, I never went overseas. Leaving the country consisted of heading over the Severn Bridge into Wales. But I have highly fond memories of the activities we used to do, which I only now realise were quite nature-focused. I miss them!

Fantasy Friday: The Bragoh And The Cuckoo.
Ooh, Fantasy Friday was such a good idea. I started by writing a short story about a creature from The Archguardians Of Laceria, and I've got a few more planned out! The creature, a bragoh, is a sort of nature guardian - he cares for the forest in northern Erivana - and I've been forming the ideas for the stories around things I've seen outside or learned elsewhere. This one, for example, is about a cuckoo. I heard one outside a week before which is what sprouted the idea, and it rolled from there!

Studious Saturday: the circle in the trees.
For Studious Saturday I've tried to look more closely at the world outside, but for the first post, I went for an easy option: the near-perfect circle I spotted a few years ago in the trees. I took a picture of it so you can see if you can find it. It's there all year round, but the leaves and shadow help to form it a little more clearly than in bare winter.

In an effort to return to creativity beyond writing, I set Sundays aside for crafting. This first week I made natural rose water from roses growing in the garden.

Mindful Monday: dawn chorus.
To get myself back into the flow of the week's routine, I've tried to keep Mondays simple and thoughtful. I got an unexpectedly early start on the 6th, though, when I woke up far too early and was unable to get back to sleep, but rather than getting annoyed about it, I decided to listen to the dawn chorus over the rain outside. Then - this is how awake I was - I decided to record it.

And in an effort to get creative with food, I decided, rather spur of the moment, to set Tuesday aside for that very thing. I made rose and strawberry cake fingers which were simply divine, using locally-sourced ingredients and the rose water I made on Sunday.

Week 2:
For the second Wednesday of 30 Days Wild, I read up on the best and worst foods to leave out for local wildlife, and how you can encourage wildlife into your garden following the success my family has had over the years.

Throwback Thursday: animal-inspired workout.
I'd been taking my workout outside every day so far, but for Throwback Thursday I returned to a workout I created for 30 Days Wild last year - a body weight workout that uses movements inspired by wild animals. They're quite unique moves, which means you avoid resorting to muscle memory and fires up your nervous system because you have to think about them, but they really do feel like animal moves! I love the iguana in particular! And somewhat loathe the bear crawl. It's also a total-body workout suitable to all fitness levels!

Fantasy Friday: The Bragoh And The Basket.
Another short story about dear Digaba, this time encountering a weaver bird. This one I wrote after watching David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities.

Studious Saturday: acer.
For my second Studious Saturday I went outside and had a close look around. I was drawn most to the acer tree, however, as it's probably my favourite thing in the garden when the squirrels aren't about, and the young leaves always look wonderful.

Sticky Sunday: paper poppy garland.
My mum loves poppies - there are pictures and faux stems everywhere in the house - so I decided to make a simple but effective paper garland!

Mindful Monday: meditation.
After a tense weekend for no good reason, I took some time out to meditate - it works for me, as pretentious as it sounds - but rather than plug in my headphones and sit on the sofa, I took it outside instead.

Tasty Tuesday: woodland themed picnic & a badger necklace giveaway.
This was a good one, I made a little picnic, woodland style, with bird nest sandwiches and pond water smoothies. I also posted a giveaway for my very last badger jar necklace, which is open until June 28th and to worldwide participants! Yay!


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