Thursday 22 November 2012

Updated Christmas Shop Info

Happy Thanksgiving! Black Friday and Cyber Monday coupon for 20% off*: BFCM12
Black Friday and Cyber Monday coupon for free worldwide delivery: BFCMFREE

Updated shop info for Christmas - all dates are accurate as of the point of posting this page.

Purchasing Deadline dates:
   International premade monsters/jewellery: Thursday 29th November
   International custom monsters: Friday 23rd November
   UK premade monsters/jewellery: Monday 17th December
   UK custom monsters: Monday 10th December

1st to the 7th December:
   Any orders placed between the 1st to the 7th of December will not be shipped until Monday the 10th of December. The shop will remain open for purchases to be made, and I will respond to any questions and messages within the week when I can, but please expect a 2 day delay.

Notice to International (outside UK) buyers:
   If you wish for your product to arrive in time for Christmas, order before the deadline dates shown above. If you order afterwards, it may not arrive in time. Because I have to go abroad in the first week of December, any chance of later orders arriving in time has now been nullified. So please be sure to order by the appropriate dates above. The postal service during December is notoriously slow regardless of country, so it may well take longer than usual to reach you, hence the specific dates.
   Shipping does not include tracking.

Notice for UK buyers:
   All products are shipped 1st Class by Royal Mail. From Monday December 10th, next day delivery will be available upon request to buyers in the UK. Please contact me before making the purchase and I will adjust the price, OR contact me immediately after placing an order/mention in the "message to seller" box in your cart, and I will invoice you for the rest. If this is not done, it will be shipped standard (1st Class).
   During the Christmas period, 1st Class may take longer than during the rest of the year. While 1st Class usually takes 1 to 2 days, over Christmas it could take 3 or even 4 in extreme cases.

*20% off only applies to Peaches and Pebbles.
Free shipping applies to both shops and is worldwide.


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