Saturday 24 November 2012

Scrumptious Delight

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    Well I believe I've stumbled across one of the best things ever. After writing the post about Lottie's Cupcakes' candy cane marshmallows, I started searching for my old favourites - the pink, white and peach coloured ones. I found some and ordered plenty, but that's besides the point. While I was searching, I came across a picture of a plushy marshmallow. Naturally, like any sane person, I clicked the picture and followed the link, and after another brief search, found myself at the virtual door of Scrumptious Delight.

   I just love candy floss, I do. It's delicious and strange, comes on a stick, in a bag, or in a bucket. It's pretty great. I used to sell cute little candy floss necklaces before the key material became impossible to find. So seeing this plushy candy floss, well, my  heart started to combust, in much the same way candy floss does when exposed to the air. I flipping love it. It is most certainly on my wish list, though I think I'll have to get it myself. I think Seeg would prefer to just get me a bucket of the real stuff - at least he'd get some too that way xD

   To my main point, marshmallows are awesome. I love to toast them, especially mini ones. Give me mini marshmallows, a candle and a fork, and I am more than content for half an hour. These plush marshmallows can be bought individually, big and small, or in a plush bag as above. How freaking awesome is that?! Seriously, a bag of plushy marshmallows is so original it makes me sick. I wish I'd thought of it first!

   These little guys made me laugh. Plushy cookies. I love the chocolate chunks! The faces are wonderful on all pieces, too, I really love them, and the photographs of each piece in her shop is just great. I especially like the angry pickle being pricked by a fork. No wonder he's angry, to be honest!

   In short: GIEF!!


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