Friday 30 November 2012

November 30th

   Well, I managed it. I blogged every single day this month. I learnt something from it, too: views really do go up when you blog actively. It's no wonder big bloggers have so many fans when they do the amount of work they do!

   I really enjoyed babbling on about rubbish this month, and I hope to be able to continue to blog actively! But prepare for radio silence for the first week of December. As most of you know, I won't be in England for 6 days, because I'm flying out to The Netherlands with Seeg on Sunday. This also means that orders placed between Sunday the 2nd and Friday the 7th won't be shipped until Monday December the 10th. I will still be open for orders, but I won't be able to fulfill them right away.

   But, to keep you all entertained while I'm gone, I'm hosting a giveaway with CharmTopia from Sunday the 2nd to Sunday the 9th. Keep your eyes peeled for the giveaway post for your chance to win a lovely necklace!

   I hope everyone is well! Have you all been up to much? Were you sick to death of my constant blabbering and glad I'm shutting up? I'm sure some of you are. I know that blogs that don't blog frequently are boring, but blogs that just don't shut up can be annoying and just as boring.



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