Wednesday 28 November 2012

International Christmas Deadline Tomorrow

   Yes, that's right, tomorrow, Thursday the 29th, is the deadline to get all international orders in for Peaches and Pebbles, and for premade monsters from Grumble Cave Monsters. Friday the 30th is officially the last shipping day for Christmas deliveries outside of the UK, and I will be going to the post office no later than 16:00 (4pm) GMT (London Time) that day.
   The reason for the Thursday deadline is timezones. If it strikes midnight here in England, it could well still be 6pm in the US. This means that I am still willing to go to the post office on the 30th for orders that occur up to 15:30 (3:30pm) GMT Friday.

   Simply put, please get any orders in by Thursday night, regardless of timezone. Any orders placed after Friday 30th 4pm GMT will not be shipped until December 10th due to a sudden and necessary trip, and that means that any international orders placed after the 30th will not be received before Christmas.

   The UK deadline dates are:
Monday 10th December for custom made monsters
Monday 17th December for premade monsters and all jewellery.

The Cyber Monday Sale is still going, and expires tomorrow as well. Get 20% off
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