Wednesday 21 November 2012


   I've had them all my life. My parents got Candy 4 years before I was born, and when she died when I was 9, we only had a few months without before we got Poppy. Then we got Rosie, and then Francis.
   It's been a year since Rosie died, and we've been without dogs since. If my mother wasn't disabled, we'd have already gotten another, but in her condition, getting a dog of any size or breed is kind of out of the question. And it's killing me.
   Cats are nice, I guess, but I don't trust their snooty attitude. I know where I stand with a dog. I'm a dog person through and through, and though we've been without dogs for only a year, it's actually only getting more difficult. Seeg can attest to the sheer volume and genuine uncontrollable squeals whenever I see a puppy, be it a picture, a tv advert, or a real one outside in the field.

   I miss the little munchkins, and I miss having fluffy cuddles, and I get so superbly jealous whenever I see someone blogging about their pets. I wish there was some way I could have a dog, but until I move out - whenever the hell that will be, because we have no money right now, and my dad needs us here - it's just not possible.

Baby Poppy with my mother, about 12 years ago.


  1. I tell you what, there is nothing better than a dog. They're always so happy to see you and they love you unconditionally. They're the perfect pet.

    1. They truly are. Dogs give you the kind of companionship that people just can't. People have other priorities - which is fine, people have to work, and learn, and live, but a dog will ALWAYS have time for you. Have a great thanks giving my lovely ♥ Hope you can smile, because I know you're going through some stuff :(


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