Friday 16 November 2012

Origami Lucky Star How-To

1. Cut a strip of paper approximately 1x25cm.
2. Tie the end in a knot. Don't leave too much on the shortest end.
3. Flatten it and make sure that there are no gaps between joins.
4. Turn it over and fold the smallest bit in a valley fold (diagonal, not perfectly horizontal) so that it matches with the sides that are already in place.
5. Turn it over again and valley fold the long strip so that the length lines up with the edge.
6. Keep turning and folding until you reach the last bit.
7 & 8. Tuck the final piece into the star beneath the two overlapping folds.
9. Flatten it down.
10. Using your finger, gently press the straight sides in so that you puff the star out. Depending on the paper you've used this could be easy or difficult. I managed to mangle a few up but most of them worked fine. But if you do bend the star, it's going to be near impossible to fix, so throw it away and start again.


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