Saturday 17 November 2012

Cupcake Bunting DIY

    Cake bunting is wonderful. I've seen small strands wrapped around large tiered cakes, small cakes with massive bunting on top, and little cupcakes with little bunting to match. And I love it. Of course tutorials for such a thing are on other websites too, so I thought I'd go a different way with it and use the Chinese Lucky Star. At least I think it's Chinese. The internet can't decide.
   As you may or may not know, certain numbers of these origami stars mean different things, if you can find websites that agree with eachother. It is by no means a traditional thing to do, either. Lucky Stars only really came about in the 1980s, where the lead female in a Chinese movie (I don't know the name of it) gave someone a jar full for good luck. But over the last few decades it's become very popular to make them. Instead of putting them all into jars, though, you could string them onto cake bunting! Kind the number of the message you wish to give, make them, and thread them all onto the bunting as shown below.

See my how-to for lucky stars here!

You'll Need:
Cocktail Sticks
Needle & Thread

How To:

1. Once you've made your stars, take the 2 cocktail sticks and engrave a small notch into the top of them both using a pair of scissors - but don't cut them.

2. Thread the needle with your chosen thread and wrap the thread around one stick, where the notch is. The notch will help prevent slipping. Once you've done this, tie it in a knot or two, and if you're worried that it might slip, you can always use a little bit of mod podge or glue to keep it in place.

3. With the thread now fixed to one stick, take the other end of the thread with the needle and pierce through the top of a star. Thread it onto the thread and keep doing it for however many you want. If your cocktail sticks are longer than mine, it won't seem as cluttered when you stick it in the cake.

4. Once all of your stars are on the thread, push them all down so that they're all bunched together. This will make it easier to tie off the thread. Use your judgement to decide how long the thread should be once it's complete - the longer the thread, the further apart the sticks have to be, or the greater the angle they'll have to be stuck at. Once you're happy with the length you've chosen, wrap the excess around the second stick in the same way that you did with step 1. After you've wrapped it about five times, tie it off and mod podge if you feel the need to.

   If you're using triangular flags, just sew them along the top with wide stitches, and all other steps are the same.

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    For some reason, when I read cupcake bunting, I think of actual edible cupcakes joined together by string. I don't know why my brain keeps doing that, but this is waaaaay better! Lasts longer too ;) love it Kim!x


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