Friday 23 November 2012

Important Shop Info & A Trip To The Netherlands

 Important shop info at the bottom of this post. And Happy Black Friday!
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   Well, it seems that I'm travelling. I've never left the country before - not properly - so this is a big first for me. Planes and all.
   My poor Seeg has been suffering with toothache, so he's finally having his wisdom teeth removed. Preferring to stick to his familiar dentist, we're travelling back to the Netherlands for him to have it done. This is all taking place in about a week and a half. We bought the tickets a week ago, but I had a feeling we'd be going a week before then, so I've had some time to adjust to the idea.
   Now, I'm not going to freak out in some Final Destination sort of way. No, what worries me is the stress of it all, having to be at the air port a few hours before the flight and things like that. It worries me. On one hand it's great because it's all so organised - and I do love organisation, I'm not the kind of person who can just "wing it" - but at the same time, it's only going to make me think I've forgotten something if I'm going to be sat waiting for 2 hours.

   But, nevermind. I'm going to close my eyes and follow Seeg, he has had more experience than I have with this. And I guess I'm excited. Afterall, it's not me who's having teeth cut out. I'm going to be seeing a different country, at last. Despite the UK being made up of like 4 countries, since we're not physically connected to the rest of Europe, it does feel like Wales is just another part of England. I can't say we're going to be up to much, either. With Christmas just around the corner, we're quite skint, so we can't afford to do much the week we're there, but at least walking is free. Wander around Arnhem and see what's there.

Important Shop Info:

   My shop will remain open through this time, however. I will still respond to messages, when I get the chance (they have internet in the Netherlands, afterall), the only thing I won't be able to do is ship anything. Therefore, any orders placed on the 1st of December to the 7th won't be shipped until Monday the 10th. This shouldn't affect anything, though. As both of my shops state, the deadline purchase date for international orders is the 29th of November, and I will ship on the 30th as well, and the deadline for the UK is roughly the 17th. All orders should reach everyone in time for Christmas, but there will be a delay in order processing during the first week of December. So if you're international, then you should buy before your deadline to ensure Christmas delivery. I'll repeat all of this at the beginning of next week.


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