Wednesday 14 November 2012

Lottie's Cupcakes

   From time to time, something falls through my letterbox that is simply worth shouting about. Sure, I buy many things, all of them wonderful (otherwise I wouldn't buy them, right?), but sometimes some things just stand out from the others - maybe because it's a product I don't usually buy and am pleasantly surprised, other times because things provided more than I expected, or because the seller was so kind and the packaging was beautiful. These products are the ones I feel the need to shout about.

   I recently made a purchase from Lottie's Cupcakes on Etsy. It's a simple little shop with really quite sweet (get it?) products. Now, I blame Etsy for this, because a month ago they mentioned home made marshmallows in a Finds newsletter. I wouldn't buy such things from overseas (and I'm sure all products that were featured were) because they'd take forever, but I followed the search that the words were linked to, and very quickly came across two things that caught my eye. One was candy floss marshmallows which I have yet to try, and the other was candy cane marshmallows. These are the ones I want to talk about.

   Now, I love marshmallows. I want to live in one. And while I have my own marshmallow recipe right here on the blog, I can never get them to the consistancy that I want them, so I'm very happy to buy from people who know what they're doing. And boy, does this girl know what she's doing.
   These marshmallows were so much softer than my own - really spongey and gorgeous. They were better than the majority of marshmallows out there, and were almost as good as my all-time favourites (these ones exactly), and what I was surprised by was the fact that they did taste like candy canes, albeit without the tooth-breaking crunch.

   When they first arrived, I was surprised by how big they were. I had asked how many I'd receive and I was told 10. 10 giant ones. I like smaller marshmallows because they're easier to ration through the week (hour), and they're easier to add to hot chocolate, so I quickly got out my pizza cutter (it's the best tool in the world for marshmallow cutting) and cut them all down, and I then had 40. Well, 35. Some jumped in my mouth.
   At first I wasn't so sure that they were very candy caney - I'd brushed my teeth half an hour or so before and wasn't sure if I was still tasting that or not, but when I tried them again an hour or two later, I could really taste it!
   And not only all that, but they're honestly the best marshmallows I've ever added to hot chocolate, and not just for the candy cane colours that formed on the top. They were flipping gorgeous.

   I am definitely coming back for more, and I seriously suggest you do too. They're totally affordable and all! And while you're at it, get me some chocosaurs.


  1. oh, kim, these marshmallows would be the perfect gift for my sister who adores the traditional version! i'm in the states and i really do understand why you might not want to order from overseas because of the time lag but what am i to do now that you've presented me with the perfect idea for my mallow-loving sister? order them and wait, i suppose.

    1. They are well worth waiting for. Like I said, I'm not happy to order edibles from overseas, BUT, marshmallows are an exception, because they keep for so long and have simple storage requirements. These should be just fine to get to you, to be honest! I'm certainly going to be buying more for myself for some nice Christmassy hot chocolates!


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