Wednesday 14 November 2012

Custom And International Order Deadline

   The International (outside of UK) Christmas deadline date for purchasing a custom made monster is the 23rd of November. If you wish to purchase one, please hurry. These will be dispatched to you by the recommended deadline date which is also the date put into force on both of my shops for jewellery and premade monsters (the 29th November).

   For premade monsters or jewellery, the International Christmas ordering deadline is the 29th of November. Please purchase by then for Christmas delivery.

   Any International orders placed after this time will not arrive in time for Christmas.

   For buyers within the UK, deadlines are Wednesday the 12th for custom monsters and Monday the 17th for premades and jewellery.

   Please keep your eyeballs wiiide open for more very important information regarding such things nearer the end of this month.


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