Monday 15 June 2015

30DaysWild - Week 2

   The second week of #30DaysWild was a little more interesting initially, I got some good work in, but towards the end of the week a shop project started to take over my attention and, while I still made the effort to participate in #30DaysWild every day, I didn't have anything to publicly show for it on the weekend. But I did get the project more or less finished by Sunday night, so that means I can turn my attention back to this!
   And I've also developed a habit of running through my Work Your Wild Side workout every day (barring Wednesday and Sunday) alongside each day's designated workout and it stays pretty intense. It will take a while for my body to get used to such alien movements, but that's good. It's exactly what you want from a workout, so my pride in the workout itself is only increasing each day I use it.

   June 8th I got busy and made an insect house! It was good fun, though resulted in an unfortunate number of splinters due to over-excitement to try something new and the subsequent under-preparation that came with it, as well as completely forgetting to take pictures. There was a lot of sawdust - fine, dusty sawdust - so I think to be honest it was for the best that I forgot to bring my camera into the shed with me. But the finished piece came out well! But it wasn't hard to make, and it was good fun to try something so different to what I usually do, so I urge you all to try it!

   June 9th the weather was looking quite dreary but I had a real bee in my bonnet about moss, so I returned to my usual line of thought and back to my usual kind of crafting: baking. I made mossy cookies. They're messy but simple, and really effective! No one can get them wrong! Plus they tasted great. I managed to get outside and photograph them under the pergola - you'd never know it was pouring down a few feet away would you?

   June 10th I tried to make a salad and failed with my usual flair, but I recovered and managed to salvage the lot by making my first cold soup. It was delicious, but I've always loved the cleanness of cucumber so it was bound to be a win for me. I enjoyed it outside in what would prove to be one of the last nice days of the week.

   I went hunting for rocks on June 11th and found a beautiful one. I love stratigraphy, and while I admit I don't know much about, I can still appreciate how it looks and what it means, even if I don't know what the different layers are. I also made a little tic tac toa game from sticks and pebbles which my nephew rather enjoyed, too!

   I took a lovely photograph of some flowers on June 12th and overlayed it with some rainy bokeh I took the evening before. I love bokeh but I prefer to use it rather than show it as it is. I think bokeh can add a wonderful effect to a photograph, but I've never found pictures of just bokeh to be very interesting at all. Some of them can be very pretty, but in the end it's just light that's been photographed completely out of focus, perhaps with a shaped lens cap. I don't really think it's much to look at. But the bokeh made this picture, the colours and the rain water really give the flowers a calm, dream-like effect. Just like the bokeh, without that accompanying layer the flowers wouldn't be too much to look at, either.

   Unfortunately I have nothing to show for June 13th and 14th because I started work on a project for my shop and it ate up all of my time, and I had a migraine strike early on the 14th that basically incapacitated me for the rest of the day. But I didn't want to stop making the effort, so on Saturday I took the scenic route to the corner shop, and Sunday I sniffed the rain :D


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