Monday 22 June 2015

#30DaysWild Week 3

   The third week of #30DaysWild wasn't perfect, but I put together a few good posts and even, finally, found a bug I wanted to photograph. No offence to the other bugs, and I'm sure other photographers could do it, but I can't find anything impressive about a woodlouse, and I don't really want a macro photo of a spider unless it's a jumping spider because they're almost, almost, cute, as far as spiders go. But some of the things I did manage to blog about last week I was quite proud of - though Friday and Saturday's posts decided not to post so I didn't get them up until today - thank goodness for blogger's backwards scheduling abilities! All is now as it should be.

   On June 15th I posted a compilation of 4 images of the same rose taken over 4 days. It started out yellow and ended a deep pink. The rose has been in the garden for years and years and I'd noticed that it changed colour every year as it bloomed but I'd never documented it until now.

   I took some time out on June 16th and lay outside for a while until a group of school children on a local (seriously local) trip shattered it. But the clouds looked wonderful and it was nice while it lasted! Not every day can be perfect.

   I made some scones on June 17th using blueberries I'd picked locally and frozen, and by changing up some of the ingredients I made them more nutritious than typical scones - that's often all it takes. Swap out fats and oils for coconut butter and swap out plain flour for white whole grain and you've given your scones a much more nutritional and healthy twist.

   The evening sky on June 18th was spectacular with a range of different types of clouds, all of them highlighted by catching different light from the sun set. The sheer number of different clouds blew me away - have a good look at each row of clouds in the picture and you'll see what I mean!

   I had a closer look at a giant peony in the garden on June 19th and realised why so many people make them out of tissue paper: because even the real things look like they are!

   On June 20th I made some chocolate leaves from rose leaves in the garden to accompany the cake I was making for Father's Day - the cake didn't come out as perfectly as I'd hoped but considering I'd never made a zebra cake before, I think it went quite well - I'll show it next week (22nd-28th). The leaves themselves were easy, though, and came out so, so well!

   And on Father's Day, June 21st, both my dad and I spotted this mullein caterpillar at exactly the same time. It was difficult to photograph it because there was a strong breeze out there so everything was flapping around, so I had to time my shot as well as I possibly could - so much easier said than done, but, somehow, I managed! And I'm really pleased with the outcome!


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