Wednesday 24 June 2015

A little stroll

   I had planned to go out for a walk this afternoon with my mum and Seeg. I was a bit dubious about it because my mum has a tendancy to 'melt' in the heat - meaning she'll start leaning to one side in her wheelchair and she can't sit herself back up. It makes summer really, really difficult, but we expect it and we've learned a few little tricks. I was beginning to think it would be a bad idea until a breeze picked up and the sun vanished behind the clouds. In short: the perfect weather for a stroll/push with mum. Neither Seeg 'nor I are fond of summer because it's so much harder to cool down than it is to warm up, but this walk was lovely. I brought out some of Aduna's new moringa bars because I've become addicted to moringa and baobab, and now an omelette simply isn't an omelette unless it's green
   I didn't bring my camera out with me because pushing a wheelchair and carrying a big camera is too impractical, but you don't need to bring a camera with you to enjoy yourself, and while I know I did, I think my mum did, too. It's a challenge to get her out of the house in such a big, bulky wheelchair, but we managed, and she enjoyed seeing the squirrels that usually frequent the garden in a different setting.


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