Thursday 18 June 2015

Recommended Nutrition For A Strong And Fast Body

   Good nutrition is so important in the weight loss process as well as the road to getting fit, strong and healthy. Above all else, you have to watch what you eat, and this can be difficult in the beginning but it will quickly become habit and you'll start eating the right things without even thinking about it. 'Watch what you eat' doesn't necessarily mean 'eat less', but it does mean you have to be more aware of what you're eating and what it's made of. In short, what are you eating? Whole foods are always the best option because these aren't made of anything except themselves. Chicken is made of chicken, carrots are made of carrots. These are 'whole foods' - foods that are whole and edible all on their own, requiring no additional ingredients. Fruit, chicken, fish, eggs, these can all be eaten as is, or with a bit of heating. They require nothing else. Bread, pasta and so on, however, require a number of ingredients to come into being, making them complex foods. That's not to say they should be avoided, however, as grains are an important source of fibre, vitamins and minerals, but you certainly want to go easy on them and focus on whole grains when you do.
   It's always a good idea to keep a food journal in the beginning, noting down every snack and meal you have, as well as just exactly what it was. This can make clearer what needs cutting out or reducing in your diet and this act alone can shed pounds and improve your health.
   I'm lucky enough to have Mathews McGarry guest posting today with a brief introduction into nutrition, info that is applicable particularly to people looking to lose weight and to get fitter, stronger and faster. Mathews is a graduate of Faculty of Sports Science in Sydney.

   No matter how the day is spent, one will eventually become hungry. It is an inevitable process occurring several times a day, and it must be satisfied in order to maintain a healthy and long life. When working out, the food intake must be carefully planned, and only the things that actually contribute to the process of muscle building and their preservation should be taken into consideration. It is important to provide all the necessary elements for your body to give it enough strength to last the day.
   A good nutrition is basically a well-rounded diet which consists of whole grains, a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits, lots of proteins and healthy fats. Here are just some of the things to which one should pay extra attention.

Protect your body
   One does not realize (until it is too late) that everything we do in the younger age reflects when we get old. This goes for both the muscles and the bones, and in order to prevent the damage, one has to make sure their bones and muscle tissues are safe and regenerating often. To do so, just drink a lot of calcium-based products, which are also rich in protein, like milk, cheese, yogurt, and soy beverages. If you are having problems with lactose tolerance, remember that a daily dose of calcium supplement is enough for you to meet your daily intake. 

Eat a lot of fresh plant-based food
   Each plate should have a lot of fresh fruits or vegetables on it, and be rich in both nutrition and vitamins. Also combine it with lots of whole grains, beans, and other legumes in order to keep the fiber level high and be able to go through the day. Keep your diet based on this type of food and you should lose weight in no time.

Lose the alcohol and keep caffeine low
   Osteoporosis is the thing that all women should watch out, for having two or more drinks of alcohol per day puts them in a risky situation of getting the disease. Caffeine is known to interfere with the hormones, and it increases the amount of calcium the body burns. Alcohol is known to affect menopause and fertility in a very bad way, so try to avoid both of these whenever you can.

No added sugar
   If not naturally occurring, sugar should be removed from the diet, for it takes twice as much exercises to burn it when constantly eating added sugar. It does not have any nutritional value, but only adds on calories. 

Keep the protein level high
   Proteins are of great importance, especially when working out or trying to lose weight. Don’t eat a lot of red meat; instead, take on fish, skinless chicken, and turkey, dairy, and take all the plant based proteins. If any of these cause problems, remember that taking protein supplements can fill your daily dose. Vitamin supplements are always a good addition, for not only are they essential for your body, but they can, in most cases, replace all the elements which your body needs.

   Remember to stay healthy, and eat regularly, for skipping a meal can do more damage than good to your body. Stay motivated, and keep in mind that everything is possible and that with a proper nutrition, the road to getting slim is like walking down the hill.

About the Author

Mathews McGarry is passionate about many forms of strength training, and spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of heavy objects. After graduating on the Faculty of Health Sciences, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing advices for better life. Follow him on Twitter.


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