Monday 15 June 2015

Colour-Changing Rose #30DaysWild

   This past weekend was a bit hectic. I started a new project for my shop which ate up all my time - though I'm pleased so say that, while my weekend was lost to it, I managed to finish in 3 days flat! - and on Sunday a migraine struck not 20 minutes after I'd gotten out of bed. I'd literally just gotten out of the shower when it hit so I had to quickly get back in bed and try to sleep it off for 2 hours. Can you imagine how impossible that was right after a morning shower? Following the migraine I had the usual lingering pain which prevents me from looking down lest my head explode. Fun!
   So while I did make the time for something wild on both Saturday and Sunday, there wasn't much to talk about on the blog. Saturday I took the scenic route to the corner shop once again, and on Sunday I sniffed the rain.
   However, while I had nothing for the blog on those two days, I did snap 2 pictures.
   There's a rose growing in the back garden that has been there since my parents moved in. I've been aware of it for a long time and noticed it start to flower, fortunately, when the first started to open. It was a lovely mix of yellow and orange, so I photographed it. It started opening up the next day so I took another picture. My dad then told me that the rose changes colour, so I photographed it every day and BAM. Red rose.
   I absolutely love the fact that, despite how my mum changed the garden so much before her disability got too far, that rose bush stayed. There are only ever about 3 flowers on it a year, but now I see it in bloom I remember that every year before hand I had always thought "I'm sure that was a different colour yesterday" and "I wish I'd taken a picture". It's simple things really, but this was something I had seen but had never really became aware of.
   And this year I finally got the pictures.


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