Friday 19 June 2015

Giant Peonies

   There is a giant peony growing over the pond in the garden. It is huge. I went over to have a look at it today because it was so big, and I couldn't help noticing just how like tissue paper the petals were. It was like one of those tissue paper pom pom things that had been roughed up a bit. After noticing that I couldn't really shake it from my mind, so I took a picture of it. I don't really like peonies, I find them too busy yet offering little to look at, but this one, at least, offered something to interest me, even if it was that it reminded me of something else, and that made it kind of pretty, in a simple sort of way. There is a lot of simplistic beauty outside, after all.
   Today was a busy day, so a few brief minutes in the garden was the best I could do, but I'm proud to have not slipped up once yet, even if I've not managed to post every single day.


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