Thursday 25 June 2015

Writing With a Taste of Spring

   Today I worked outside. The sun was behind the clouds so it was bearable, and I could actually see my laptop's screen! I was out there for some time and I wheeled mum outside onto the decking so she could enjoy it too, and I had my ultimate favourite snack combo - no, not chocolate cake and hot chocolate, so I supposed it wasn't my favourite favourite, but it's my favourite healthy combination: Trek's Oat Raisin protein flapjack and tamaryokucha green tea. It might sound oddly specific, but the two go together so well that I never have one without the other. Together they taste like spring, really mild and earthy - it might be summer, but I don't care!
   So I sat outside on the grass beneath the overcast sky and worked on my book for a couple of hours before coming back inside when it started to rain and playing World of Warcraft. New patch and all that!


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