Sunday 7 June 2015

#30DaysWild - Day 7

   Today was a gorgeous day - the sun was out, but the gentlest breeze kept the air cool, the altocumulus clouds - my favourite type of cloud - were gorgeously fluffy, and I finally found the time to just lie outside and relax - not something I get the chance to do often while looking after my mum, balancing the blog, my shop, my book and the upcoming WWT art exhibit at Slimbridge, so I grasped the chance eagerly. It was quiet outside, too, strangely, so it wasn't ruined by kids. I was able to just lie down, relax, and listen to the birds in the trees beyond the garden. I even got this shot beneath some of the flowers beside me. But, while I can name a cloud, I can't name a flower...
   It's such a simple, basic thing, but going outside and lying on the grass in the sun can do wonders for you. I've been in a bad mood for about a week solid now and I've been doing my best to push past it but it can be hard. But this was more effective even than yoga.


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