Monday 8 June 2015

30DaysWild - Week 1

   Doing something a little more in touch with nature every day can be quite easy to the point you may not notice them, or it can feel, in this case, like you've not really done anything at all to increase your own awareness of the natural world around you and let the walls of civilisation crumble. No, my garden isn't necessarily miles away from my house in the middle of nowhere, but there's a lot out there I've taken for granted.
   Either way, I decided I'd gather up the week's 30DaysWild posts to better see what I've managed - as well as see if I've missed a day yet or not!

   June 1st was a wet day, but even so I took the scenic route to the post office. It was quiet, which was nice, and I've always loved the sound of the rain against umbrellas and the conservatory roof. I took a nice picture of some flowers in the conservatory that I hadn't noticed yet, and they were beautiful shades of pink and peach which the camera, typically, didn't pick up too well.

   June 2nd was a wet day across a lot of Bristol, but my area managed to avoid it, so I took full advantage of that fact. It's always wet here, so a wet start to the month was hardly surprising, but it also means that being able to go outside is an opportunity worth taking! I killed two birds knocked two apples from the tree with one stone and reviewed Sconnoisseur while enjoying the scones in the shade of an acer tree.

   June 3rd was a busy day and I was tense through most of it so I didn't get around to doing anything 'wild' until the evening. I'd seen the sky at dusk a week or so previously and it looked amazing but my camera's battery was flat, so I made a point on the 3rd, since I hadn't done anything yet that day, to keep it on hand and watch the clouds. The sky wasn't as beautiful as it had been a week before, but it still looked amazing. And, as ever, the camera didn't pick up all the colours, but it still looks great.

   June 4th was far more unique in terms of my efforts and final product. I took my workout outside, but rather than perform a standard cardio/HIIT circuit, I created my own workout! I collected up exercises that are inspired by the movements of animals and put them all together into one 8-move circuit with two cool-down stretches at the end. The workout ranges from 8 reps for beginners to 15 reps for advanced (I'm using intermediate, personally) and the circuit should be completed 1-3 times. A single beginner's circuit of 8 reps takes just 5 minutes, and since there's no equipment needed, it's entirely body weight, there are no excuses. The moves are really fresh and the workout is a challenge but it's a lot of fun as well. I absolutely love Iguana because I swear you can really feel the animal in that move, more so than any other, and the scorpion push-up, while killing your triceps, is also a really fun move. I urge you all to go outside and try it, or just move some of the house plants into the living room if it's raining and do it there instead.

   June 5th returned to simplicity, but it wasn't really something that happened on my part. There was a squirrel outside the house (outside the bedroom window, in fact) making odd noises and running around like a lunatic. Turns out it was a female and she was in heat - something that only happens for just 1 day a year, so to have caught the behavior in the wild was pretty amazing. There are about 3 different squirrels that visit the garden on a daily basis - one has a bald patch on its back, another has a short tail, and the other is, at a glance at least, faultless.

   June 6th saw a recipe using consciously-purchased local and organic ingredients - well, the salmon and eggs at any rate, the moringa can't really be helped. I'm trying to find high-protein, low-carb alternatives to protein shakes because I've found myself having too many of them, and eggs, poultry and fish are great sources of protein, and so is moringa, so by mixing eggs, salmon and moringa powder together I made one hell of a protein-powered super omelette.

   June 7th I took some real time out. Sunday is my rest day, so again I'm looking for low-carb food, but I'm also slowing right down, and since there'd been no rain for almost a week - a week! - I decided to take the full opportunity and chill out in the sun. And it was pretty nice. It was quiet outside - odd for a Sunday - but that meant there were no kids screaming in the field on the other side of the fence and I could really relax. It was a simple but good end to the first week.

   I'm feeling pretty positive about 30DaysWild, and while week 1 was a little simpler than I'd hoped - though I am still proud of and using my wild animal workout - I'm happy with it. I'm hoping to get more interesting posts up over the rest of the month but I'm working on a few projects as well as truly reaching the end of my current book and planning out the next one, but I will make the effort to get some real quality up very soon.

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