Thursday 11 June 2015

#30DaysWild - Rock Hunting

   Today I went rock hunting. Yes, I know, it's not exactly difficult to hunt rocks. There's no need to tip-toe, sneak around or try to mimic their calls, but when you're looking for interesting ones it can be challenging. I was out there for a good hour before I found one worth photographing.
   I love rocks. They hold so much history - some of them literally containing traces of past life. But even rocks that don't hold fossils still fascinate me. Just how old is that pebble your dog is running around with on the beach? How old are the pieces of rock that make up the gravel features in your back garden? It fascinates me. And more so when you find rocks with veins and strata.

   My sister came over with her 4 year old son while I was at it, so I gathered up some small stones and sticks and we played a few games of tic tac toe. It took a long while to find suitable stones, but I managed in the end! He pinched a few of the stones when we finished, but I got to keep most of the 'set'. See what fun you can have with simple things?


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