Saturday 18 November 2017

Gamer Christmas Gift Guide

   I love video games. A writer I may be, but video games are my preferred form of entertainment. A good game is like a book in movie form, with interaction. The stories are long and can take days to play through if you do so religiously, which is the same as dedicating a few days to reading a book cover to cover. But it's visual, audio; you can lose yourself in the world so easily, and yet still really get to know the characters like you would in a book. Movies don't do that, they're too short. Many TV shows leave a lot to be desired, too. But a good fantasy game, with a whole new world, new elements, new creatures and cultures, it can suck you out of your troubles like a book can, with the addition of being able to truly see the intent within the settings. And you avoid narratives, which can drone on sometimes.
   Seeg is an avid gamer, and one of my absolute favourite pass times is actually watching him play games. He will never play through the story if I'm not there, so we experience it together. I've not played on Assassin's Creed game, but I've seen every single one of them played through at least once. I have played Mass Effect and Elder Scrolls Oblivion & Skyrim, as well as part of The Witcher (my favourite game of all time, despite being unfinished by my own hand; I've watched Seeg play it 3 times through).
   So, naturally, game-related and fantasy gifts are at the top of both of our lists, even if we don't know what we want. We always get each other something, be it t-shirts, figurines, replicas or themed household stuff.
   I didn't put this gamer gift guide together to give myself, or him, any ideas. We don't need them. I did it for fun, and hopefully it'll help the uninitiated get some Christmas gift ideas for the gamer on their Christmas list. For him, and for her.

1. Legend of Zelda Sheikah Eye light-up canvas
2. Legend of Zelda Korok terrarium necklace
3. Destiny 2 scented candles & Ghost candle holder
4. Destiny 2 Guardian's Light bathrobe
5. Mass Effect N7 armour & vinyl detail cowl hoodie
6. World of Warcraft Nightmare Whelpling plush
7. The Witcher 3 Geralt of Rivia statuette
8. Fallout, The Board Game
9. Star Wars Droid KeepCups reusable travel cups
10. World of Warcraft & Wild Bangarang Illidan leggings

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