Friday 17 November 2017

Etsy Favourites

Decorations are one of my favourite parts of Christmas. I go out just to look at the displays in shops and windows. I'm odd like that.
The trouble with Christmas displays, though, is that they look gorgeous when they're all set up and curated together. They have to. That's how they sell it. But when you buy the pretties and take them home, they never look as good, because you didn't buy everything else along with it. It can be a little disappointing. Fortunately, I figured that out and don't fall for it anymore, instead it's a free day out. Until you count stumbling into chocolate shops. Anyone else noticed they have a higher gravitational pull than other stores?

That said, I've curated a selection of gorgeous Christmas decorations from Etsy, all from UK sellers, that actually look good on their own, without the need to purchase the entire store...

Spruce wreath with fir cones   ♥   Black, white & gold leaf tree ornament
Dino eating gifts   ♥   Winter stag Christmas garland
Penguin glow jar   ♥   Cinnamon Christmas candle
Christmas miniatures, 1.5 to 3.5cm tall
Available as a set or as individual necklaces. Ideal for animal lovers this Christmas ♥


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