Sunday 5 November 2017

No More Trouble Zones - 5 Weeks Later

   I love a good Jillian Michaels workout - or, rather, I love to hate it, I suppose. Because, let's face it, they're tough, but they're tough because they work. Even so, No More Trouble Zones was tougher than I expected. The isolation and supersets on muscle groups is a refreshing change from recent workouts, but that doesn't mean it was easy or even really enjoyable. Especially that accursed shoulder circuit. The only upside there is that it's the very first circuit on the DVD so you get the wretched thing done and over with quickly.
   Unlike Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism, however, it's not so hard to do the whole DVD. The first four circuits are tough, but the final three are all on the ground and are comparatively easy. Or they seem that way at least, but when you're actually doing them your abs feel like they're going to either catch fire or rip right out of your body. But, hey, at least you're lying down!

   But I was a good girl. In trying to beat my over-exercising habits, I continued to stick to doing just 4 or 5 of the 7 circuits on Monday and Wednesday - three toughies and one mat circuit - and doing something more fun like kickboxing on the Friday. I saved doing the whole 7 circuits (or the 4 toughest circuits followed by a few from Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism) for Saturdays when it was needed the most. Weekends can be like that.

   But actually, it's been a pretty good workout. The month has flown by - though that could be because my mind is fixed on Christmas shop prep and blog posts - and as much as I hate that shoulder circuit, I give it my all and it got a touch easier by the end of the month. Little weights are funny - I use 3kg/6.5lbs most of the time, but I've never even put my 1kgs away because, if you use them right, they can feel like 8kg after a few minutes. I love (to hate) them in BarreAmped, for example, and 1.5kg on this shoulder circuit, barring the first move where I use 2.5kg, they are murder. I had to drop them on the second set for the first two weeks, but now I can finish every set. I'm smoking by the end and actually concerned I might set some fire alarms off it burns so much, but I can do it.
   Which means my strength is returning. You've probably noticed the increase of recipes on my blog, especially regarding breakfasts (I do love my breakfast cakes and porridge!), and I'm doing really well on the food front, eating more carbs and calories. I used to be at about 1300 a day, I'm up around 1550 a day now, and I'm noticing huge improvements in body, energy and mood.

   I'll post a DVD review for No More Trouble Zones next Sunday. Otherwise, starting tomorrow I have something different to set me up for the coming Christmas madness and prep my body for the intense workout that always comes along in December.


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