Saturday 25 November 2017

Fitness Christmas Gift Guide

   I'm a fitness nut - big secret - and so naturally, fitness-related gifts will always be well-received. But I never get any unless I drop huge hints, and I figure it's because no one knows what to get me. Think about it. Water bottle, towel, trainers. Those are the basics. Then perhaps some sweat bands, which no one actually uses.
   Well, there's a lot more than that, and things many fitness freaks would love, and even need. And if they have it, it could probably do with being replaced. So I put together this fitness gift guide to make your life easier, and the fitness junkie on your Christmas list happy.

1 - Fitty London fitness subscription box
2 - Fabletics rose gold capris (UK sizes 6-30)
3 - S'Well Calcutta Gold water bottle
4 - Hey Holla HIIT Squad gym gift box
5 - Aerial Silks class for beginners
6 - Optiat post-gym shower scrub in mandarin
7 - Yogi-Bare Starry Sky yoga mat
8 - BarreAmped Strengthen & Stretch DVD
9 - My Protein Christmas products
10 - Fitness Mad Foam Roller
11 - Sugar Plum Toesox


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