Wednesday 22 November 2017

Myth of the Wild Black Friday Sale

    Oooh it's that time again! I love Black Friday, but this year I haven't really held much interest. I usually wait until this time to buy some of the more expensive gifts on my shopping list, but most of those came from overseas this year, and I learned (over the course of a few years) not to wait for Black Friday to make overseas purchases for Christmas because they really could not arrive in time. Those few that weren't were from shops that I've learned don't do Black Friday, so I bought them early. But as far as goodies for me go, there are a few shops I love that do participate, and I can't wait - I'm keeping my eye fixed close!

   As for my Etsy shop, Black Friday can be a challenge. The trouble with Black Friday as a small handmade business is that I, like many other Etsy sellers, can't compete with high street stores, so I could never afford to offer 75% off of my products. In fact, it's pretty measly. This year I can only afford to offer 20% off as I've already dropped my prices in a bid to do better this season than last Christmas, but I am also offering free worldwide shipping, and I always like to give out free gifts with every order over the Black Friday period, so there's 3 reasons to shop with Myth of the Wild this week!

20% off, free worldwide shipping & free gifts!

   I'm using Etsy's sale feature this year, so the 20% off has already been applied to almost everything in the shop. The only things ineligible (complete collection and gift set listings, as they're already discounted) have already been removed from the sale, so there's no confusion at all.
   Free shipping, however, is a coupon, but that makes it more exclusive - only blog readers, facebook fans and twitter followers will see it! Just apply the code ETSYBF17, (or follow that link, which automatically applies it in case you forget) at checkout for free shipping on all orders worldwide and domestic, no exclusions. Valid from November 20th to November 28th.

Happy Christmas Shopping!


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