Wednesday 15 November 2017

My Wishlist

   With Christmas and my birthday so close together, it can be a bit of a strain on both purse and imagination. It also sucks, because everything happens within a few weeks of the year, Seeg's birthday included, and then there's pretty much nothing for 12 months. Perhaps that's why I make such a big deal out of the Christmas season - I've waited so long, and so much good stuff happens.
   Anyway, it also sucks again because it means that I have to wait for a while if there are things I want and can't justify getting them for myself. And, though I do truly want them...I end up forgetting what they are.
   Well, I racked my brain and put together this wishlist - both for funsies and for helps - and though I remembered a couple of other things since I finalised it - namely Wild Bangarang's Tribal Unity leggings and this Yogi Bare starry night yoga mat - I'm quite happy with it. And whatever I don't get, I can always get myself when the sales come along.

1. Mathias Duplessy & The 3 Violins of the World 'Marco Polo'
2. Hylian poncho
3. Gaiam foam roller
4. Gossip From The Forest 
5. Urbosa amiibo
6. Sterling silver twig ring
7. Breath of the Wild pull-over
8. Wildlife Photographer of the Year desk diary


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